cervix orgasms

Everything You Wanted to Know about Cervix Orgasms

Vaginas are truly amazing, hiding many different pleasure spots inside them. And yes, I mean more than the infamous G-spot that people still debate on to this day. 

cervix orgasms

There are up to seven (according to some experts) different orgasms vagina owners can have. But today, we’re going to focus on one spot in particular — the C-spot, aka the spot responsible for cervix orgasms. 

What is a Cervix Orgasm?

Cervical orgasm, otherwise known as the C-spot orgasm, is an orgasm that vagina owners can experience from penetrating the cervix. Now, the penis doesn’t usually go inside the cervix as it doesn’t have a wide enough opening for a penis or even a finger. 

The pleasure comes from stimulating or bumping into the cervix opening during deep penetrative sex, either with a partner with a penis or a sex toy. 

Some vagina owners are able to stimulate the cervix with the help of their fingers if they either have long enough fingers or their cervix is lower than average. It’s important to note that the cervix changes its position inside the vagina depending on the menstrual cycle — during your period, it’s going to be lower and more sensitive, while closer to ovulation, it’s going to be higher and less sensitive. 

Cervical orgasms have been making the headlines only recently because, for the longest time, people didn’t think they existed. This is to blame for the overall lack of research and studies conducted on female anatomy and sexual pleasure, even though sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson discovered that cervix response to pressure long decades ago. 

However, Johnson and Masters happened to miss the relationship between female orgasms and the cervix responding to pressure stimulation. There haven’t been many studies done on the C-spot, but it has been mentioned in one study in 1985, where the researchers have found that some women could orgasm through cervical stimulation. 

A cervical orgasm is also often described as the A-spot orgasm because the A-spot is very close to the cervix and needs a deep penetration to be stimulation while providing full-body intense orgasms. 

Just like with everything in sex, not all vagina owners will feel pleasure from cervical penetration. Some might love the stimulation, while others might find it painful. Whether you enjoy having your cervix penetrated or not, your preferences are normal, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. 

What Does a Cervix Orgasm Feel Like?

Vagina-owners who claim to have experienced cervical orgasms describe the feeling as a deep, full-body orgasm that starts at their cervix and rolls in waved through their full body. One thing that everybody agrees on is that orgasms are so much more intense and fulfilling. 

One woman on Reddit writes, “It almost feels like having a (very pleasant) seizure. My whole body convulses and that blankness that happens during orgasm is sudden and intense and lasting.” 

However, there are vagina-owners who claim that cervix stimulation comes not only with pleasure but a certain type of uneasy feeling afterward. One Reddit user shares, “No orgasm, but it can make me feel like wanting to throw up after, and honestly, it’s a huge rush and a massive turn-on for me.”

How Is It Different from Other Types of Orgasms?

It’s hard to exactly pinpoint the difference between orgasms because when you’re stimulating your cervix, chances are you’re at the same time stimulating your G-spot as well as A-spot and even clitoris. 

Because of this reason, the intense, full feeling that overcomes your body during deep cervical orgasm can actually be a sensation from the blended orgasm you’re experiencing, instead of the cervix orgasm alone. 

How to Achieve a Cervix Orgasm

Only 35% of women say that they have experienced an orgasm from cervical stimulation. While cervix orgasm might not be for everyone, you can still explore and see whether you’re the one who enjoys the experience.

1. Go On to Explore By Yourself

The best way to know what you enjoy during sex with a partner is by first exploring it with yourself — the same goes for cervical orgasm. 

To stimulate your cervix, you need a really deep penetration, so most people might not be able to reach it with their fingers alone. This is where trusty sex toys come in handy. Choose your favorite sex toy, preferably a G-spot stimulator that has a considerable length, and go to play. 

There are sleek, G-spot vibrators designed specifically for deep penetration during solo play. Make sure that you’re really spending time on foreplay with yourself before you try and approach your cervix, as it might be uncomfortable if you’re not fully aroused. 

Play with the erogenous zones that feel good outside, slowly moving inside, playing with your G-spot, and then move further deeper inside until you reach your cervix. 

2. Communicate with Your Partner

When you’re ready to experience some deep penetrative sex with your partner, it’s important to communicate your needs to them before trying anything out. 

You’ll want to proceed slowly to ensure that the intercourse is not painful or uncomfortable, and you’ll also want to spend a considerable amount of foreplay before you even attempt the deep penetration. 

If you’re unsure about the penetration with your partner, you might even try bringing them in for some toy play — let them use the vibrator while you guide them and see what feels the best. 

Also, communicate and be verbal during this exploration with your partner. Give them directions and feedback, tell them how you feel, what you want, and what doesn’t feel good. 

3. Indulge in Foreplay

All sexual experiences are so much better when you’re fully aroused and turned on. So, don’t skip on the foreplay before cervical penetration, as it can make or break the whole experience. 

Cervix is very sensitive, and for this reason, many women, even those who have regular cervix orgasms, say that they have to be very aroused for it to feel pleasurable instead of painful. 

Set the mood, schedule enough time for some foreplay before sex and explore your partner and let them explore you before you jump into penetration. It might even be a good idea to start with any other type of orgasm, like a clitoral orgasm, before you move on to some deep penetration. 

4. Find the Right Position

When you’re aroused, the vagina tends to expand in size, so deep penetration might not be as easily achievable as it looks at first glance. So, you really want to make sure that you’re taking advantage of different positions and experiment with what hits the spot. 

Some of the most reliable positions for deep penetration are doggy style and cowgirl (either regular or reverse). Being on top of your partner allows you to experience deeper penetration, and it also gives you the ability to control the angles and the pacing, so you can truly explore and see what feels the best. 

If you’re able to have sex furniture, then getting a sex pillow might also help, as it will allow for positions that allow your partner the ability to really dive deep while still giving you comfort. 

5. Experiment During Different Times of Your Cycle

As I mentioned before, the position of your cervix depends on your menstrual cycle, and it even affects how sensitive it is. It might be a good idea to try deep penetration during different times of your cycle, so you can find the best time and what feels the best. 

Some women might experience that they hate having deep penetrative sex during their period because their cervix is lower, and it hurts because it’s more sensitive. If that’s the first and only time you try deep penetration, then, of course, you might be disappointed. 

Your cervix is also softer and wetter during your ovulation, so it might be easier to experience pleasure during that time of the month. Try different times of the month and different positions before you decide whether cervical orgasms are for you. 

And if they’re not, don’t be upset. There are still plenty of other types of orgasms at your fingertips that are just as mind-blowing and great.