LELO INA 2 Review

LELO INA 2 Review

Our INA 2 is everything you want from a LELO massager and more, and now that it’s got great new features like 100% more power and a fully-waterproof exterior, it’s quickly becoming the go-to vibe for thousands of women seeking multiple pleasures.
Of course we could go on all day about why you deserve the intense sensations that our newly-improved rabbit-style vibe has to offer, but we want you to hear it from pleasure aficionados who know their stuff. To this end, we’ve rounded up some choice product reviews of INA 2 to present them to you here – enjoy!

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LELO INA 2 Vibrator

“LELO I can’t think of anything I would improve with the INA 2 but I know you clever people will think of something. 😉

A few presses of the mode button found a fantastic escalating and circulating mode which was now playing havoc with my clit.  The curve of the main shaft had targeted my g-spot with precision.  I became aware of my quickness of breath as the Lelo Ina 2 vibrator got to work on me.”

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LELO INA 2 Review

“Since I first became acquainted with the Ina 2 a few months ago, it has become a key piece in my collection, and I have a friend who says it is her favourite toy of all times.

For those of you familiar with the Ina 1, Lelo have made a number of changes. Most importantly for me, the rabbit ears are far more flexible and can be better manipulated to create your own optimal position for clitoral stimulation.”

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Lelo INA 2 Rabbit vibrator unboxed

LELO INA 2 Review – Getting Intimate with the INA 2 Rabbit Vibrator

“Seriously, if you have a short attention span and you like vibrations of any sort, go out and get this toy. It’s changed everything for me, and I can’t recommend it enough. Ever.

While this might be one of the most dull settings in term of what this toy can do, sometimes you cannot beat the classics. The motion is smooth, and just about perfect. [The Steady, both arms vibrating mode] makes it the best rabbit vibrator I’ve run into.

Go buy the Lelo Ina 2. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and buy this toy. It really sold me on luxury items, and even as I added more to my collection, this one really does remain a favorite. If you believe a single vibrator review today, believe me. When you are looking for the best sex toys out there, don’t skimp!”

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect intro ★★★★★

Bought this for my girlfriend that has never owned/used a vibrator. It’s simple yet elegant design and the easy to control
Interface, the product is not very intimidating. The motor is quite and vey powerful. She’s used it by herself and with me and she says she’s a big fan. The smile on her face means it’s worth every penny.

Posted by: HarmsWay

Elegant And Well Made ★★★★★

I purchased this to add some variety into the bedroom and also to introduce my wife to a g-spot orgasm. She likes it a lot and likes it when I use it on her. It’s very good quality, well made and works well. The power setting range is good…very low to very intense. She will have a g-spot orgasm after it’s inside her a few minutes, then want me to get inside her for another orgasm. It’s definitely enhanced our intimate time. No complaints here!

Posted by: HappyDogger

Oooo…so good! ★★★★

I’ve been looking for a rabbit-like toy for some time and there a grillion of them, so I went with an upper-scale one because it’s easy to clean, easy to recharge, Oh…and it rocks! The little rabbit part is a just a little too short to hit my spot but I can make it work and oooo…does it work. Fast, super-intense orgasms. I love it!
Posted by: WIGV