sila vs. sona product comparison

SenSonic Technology Q&A: Dr. Zhana

For our October Q&A with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, we’re talking about the SenSonic technology.

sila vs. sona product comparison


What is SenSonic technology?

The SenSonic technology is technology that sends sonic wave pulses that radiate from the mouth of the toy and penetrate deep inside the body and internal portions of the clitoris. It’s like standing in front of a big speaker at a nightclub and feeling the vibrations. 

What’s the difference between SenSonic and regular vibrators?

Regular vibrators, like the Lily for example (which I love), are more localized. More or less, they will only stimulate the area that’s being directly touched. Whereas the sonic waves just radiate and penetrate much deeper without even touching the clit! Watch the sonic waves in action here.

What’s the difference between the Enigma and the Sona?

The Sona is an external clitoral toy, so you would put it over the clit. The Enigma is a combination of a Sona plus an internal vaginal part that also vibrates. You insert the vaginal part and you put the sonic part over the clitoris and you get amazing mind-blowing dual stimulation. 

What’s the difference between the Sona and the Sila?

The Sila, like the Sona, is an external clitoral toy. The main difference is that the Sila is much more gentle and has a slow, gradual buil-dup, while the Sona is pretty powerful from the start. There are also differences in the size and shape of the mouth, so they fit different bodies differently. 

Would you recommend any of these products for people who have very sensitive bodies?

It depends on what you mean by “sensitive bodies.” If you’re talking about people with very sensitive clits, then I would actually recommend SenSonic products more than regular vibrators because they don’t have that pin-prick, direct type of stimulation on the clit. Instead, the sensation is more diffuse and I would probably start with the Sila as opposed to the Sona since it’s more gentle.

Which one’s better for a beginner? I’ve never had any toys before.

I honestly think that for a beginner versus non-beginner there’s not much of a difference on whether you’re going to like regular vibration or sonic waves technology. They’re such different sensations that I actually think everyone should have at least one of each toy. You could buy them in whatever order you like. 

Can it make you squirt?

As a matter of fact, it can! There are a lot of people who mention the Sona, or similar toys, as the toy that makes them squirt. It seems that there’s something about the sonic waves penetrating deep into the internal portions of the clit that do it. 

Which one’s better to use during penetration?

The Sona, Sila, or Enigma can all be used during partnered play, but only the Sona and the Sila can be combined with penetration with a partner because you can hold either one of them over the clit while being penetrated. 

Which one is your favorite SenSonic toy?

Mine is the Sona. It’s probably my favorite LELO toy period because I love the sonic wave technology, it really works for me. I prefer the Sona over the Sila because I like the more powerful sensation, and I use the Sona more than the Enigma, because usually during masturbation, I go for external clitoral stimulation only.

How about the F1S? Is SenSonic actually pleasant for the penis?

From what I hear from penis-owners, it is quite pleasurable for the penis as well because the penis is made from the same type and the same amount of erectile tissue as the clitoris is.