best sex positions for women

The Best Sex Positions for Women

Kama Sutra has well over a few dozen different sex positions. And while all of them are equally worth exploring, sometimes you might just want a sex position that will guarantee an effortless orgasm. 

best sex positions for women

And for days when you just want to have some quality fun in the bedroom, we have a list of the eight best sex positions for women that will surely blow your mind: 

1. Cowgirl

The list of the best sex positions for women wouldn’t be complete without the Cowgirl. It’s one of the most popular positions that many women claim help them orgasm and offer the best experience during sex. 

To get into this position, ask your partner to lay on their back on the bed or any other surface of your choosing. Then, you get on top, straddling their hips, and lower yourself on their penis. 

Cowgirl is perfect for women because it gives full control over the movements, speed, depth, and angle of penetration. So, you can easily adjust as you go and take control over your orgasm. 

This is a position that’ll require you to do the majority of work as you’ll be bouncing up and down your partner’s penis. However, they can also help by thrusting their hips upwards, deepening the penetration, and offering support. 

2. Doggy

Next on the list is the Doggy style. Unsurprisingly, this sex position is also loved amongst women because it provides some good internal and external stimulation and doesn’t require much energy. 

Getting into this position is fairly straightforward. First, you get on your knees, leaning on all fours as your partner penetrates you from behind. 

Doggy is one of the best sex positions for women because it offers deep penetration angles that are sure to hit all the right spots, and your partner can also reach for your clit, which is the surefire way to mind-blowing blended orgasms

Your partner chooses the speed and the depth of penetration. But you can also take control by moving your hips to meet them for more intense stimulation. If penetration is too deep, there are special penis rings you can get that adjust the depth of penetration so you can enjoy Doggy without it being uncomfortable. 

3. Legs Up

legs up sex position

Legs Up is a great lazy sex position for women as it only requires you to lie down and let your partner take control over the movements. It offers intimacy and gives your partner access to your clit. 

You lay down on your back on the bed or any other surface to get into this position, and your partner kneels before you. Lift your legs and let your partner lean them against their chest as they penetrate you. 

Legs Up gives a very good penetration angle that will surely hit all the right spots during anal and vaginal sex. And you can either stimulate your clit or ask your partner to do it for you for those sweet blended orgasms. 

4. Pound Town

butter churner sex position

Pound Town is a slight variation of a Doggy sex position that requires more bending and energy. This is a lucrative sex position for women because it’s perfect for vaginal and anal sex and offers a deep penetration angle. 

To get into this position, you lay down on your belly. Then, lift only your hips, so they are in the air while the rest of you is on the bed or another surface. Depending on your height differences, your partner either kneels or stands above you as they penetrate you from behind. 

It can be a challenging position at first, so don’t get discouraged. Instead, you can try getting into Doggy and then slowly adjust to get into Pound Town as you see fit. 

5. Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse Cowgirl is another amazing sex position for women that gives you all the control over your pleasure and a great view for your partner. It’s a variation of a Cowgirl, where instead of facing your partner as you ride, you turn your back on them. 

To get into this position, let your partner lay on their back. Then, you move on top of them, straddling them as you lower yourself on their penis. For the best comfort, lean forward, bracing your hands on their legs, and bounce away. 

Reverse Cowgirl allows you to experiment with a different penetration angle than Cowgirl, so don’t skip on this position, thinking it’s going to be the same. 

6. Sitting Reverse Cowgirl

sitting reverse cowgirl sex position

Sitting Reverse Cowgirl is an amazing sex position for women that gives you control over your movements while still offering a lot of skin-on-skin contact and intimacy with your partner, despite you having your back on them. 

It’s also a perfect position for living room sex when you want to change the scenery or want to watch Netflix while you’re riding your partner. 

To get into this position, let your partner sit down on the couch, leaning back comfortably. Next, you straddle their lap, your back to them as you lower yourself on their penis. 

In this position, you have all the control of the movement and the speed. But it gives your partner an ideal view of your rear side and access to touch your clit or your breasts while you’re riding them. 

7. Spread Eagle

45 degrees separation sex position

Spread Eagle is another lazy sex position that will be perfect for when you’re tired but still want the big O. It offers a deep penetration angle while giving your partner great access to your clit, so it’s a total winner. 

To get into this position, lay down on your back. You can either be in bed so that your partner kneels at the end. Or you can lay down on the table so that your partner stands at the edge of it as they penetrate you. 

Lift your legs, spreading them, and let your partner hold them by your ankles for support. They have control of the speed and movements and how wide your legs are spread. 

Experiment with different angles and see which type feels the best during penetration. Also, you have full access to your clit, so take advantage of that for some extra stimulation. 

8. Squatting

squatting sex position

The last, but certainly not the least, is the Squatting position. It’s great when you want to be in control of the movements and penetration angles. And it can be a very intimate position to be in as it offers lots of skin-on-skin contact with your partner. 

To get into this position, let your partner sit on their heels either on the bed or on another comfortable surface. Then, you sit in their lap, keeping your back to them as they penetrate from behind. 

Bounce up and down, just like you would if you were doing regular squats. Your partner can wrap their arms around you, caressing your breasts or playing with your clit as you ride them.