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The Fantasy Exchange Part Three – Oral Passion by Venus O’Hara

“Do you want to go to a lesbian club tonight?” she asked me from the sofa as I was picking up my clothes that I had left on the living room floor the night before. I wondered if she had forgotten her promise to go down on me “as soon as we got home” after the restaurant. At first, I didn’t know if I was relieved or disappointed, as the thought of doing it back to her still made me nervous. Despite my indecision, I knew that if we didn’t indulge in mutual oral sex that weekend, I would probably be disappointed in myself that I hadn’t at least tried it. 

I confess that the idea of ​​partying suddenly seemed more appealing. To the point that I felt a frisson throughout my whole body imagining what it would be like to go to a lesbian club with my very own lesbian lover. I had been to gay places many times before, but never to one that was exclusively for women: it would be another new experience to add to our weekend of exchanging fantasies.

“Okay,” I replied.

“Do you know of any?” 

“I have no idea.”

“Of course, you don’t. How would you know when you’re straight…?”

I frowned, not knowing how to answer her. I didn’t know if it was an insult or her twisted idea of ​​humour. Whatever it was, I didn’t like it at all. 

“Chill out, it was a joke,” she said when she saw my reaction and got up from the sofa to give me a kiss on the cheek. “I love straight women, like you. You already know that.”

“Well, I don’t know if I’m straight,” I said before looking away.

“Of course, you are.  You’re definitely not a lesbian.”

“I think I’m bisexual…”

Bisexual?” she asked me as if I had told her something in a foreign language. “How can anyone be bisexual? You’re either into one thing or another. And it’s obvious that you’re into guys. All this is for you is pure experimentation because you like sex, period. There’s no need to be confused.” She said and went back to sit on the sofa.

This time it was clear that she was not joking at all. But I wasn’t going to react to her provocations. I wasn’t going to explain myself either. It was clear that she didn’t understand me and that she wasn’t even willing to try. Interestingly, the fact that we did not agree on anything, and that we even clashed on many topics, only increased my sexual desire for her: it was wild and illogical. Somehow it seemed ‘safe’ as I knew that it was highly unlikely that things would get complicated on an emotional level.

For this reason, I carried on as if nothing had happened and went to my computer to start searching for “lesbian club in Barcelona”.  After googling the offer, we found a venue that caught our attention. I couldn’t wait to go and discover a new world. However, when we got to the club, later that night, I suddenly got quite nervous and I felt like a ‘tourist’ as this wasn’t supposed to be my territory. There weren’t many people there at first, and my former student was still being cold and distant after me mentioning the forbidden word: ‘bisexual‘.

After spending half an hour feeling completely out of place, the dance floor filled up, drinks started to flow and the music seemed to get better with each song. I was surprised that there were a lot more feminine women than I had expected. Despite this, it was the androgynous ones that caught my attention the most. In my heterosexual life, I never went to clubs with the intention of meeting guys. I just wanted to dance and have a good time. In contrast, in that lesbian club, I felt what a man might feel in a place full of beautiful women because it was impossible not to appreciate the obvious eye candy all around me. Knowing that they were also into girls was even more thrilling and intriguing to me. 

Being among so many women was an unfamiliar feeling and situation. It felt clandestine and so stimulating that the atmosphere seemed to be more intoxicating than the rum and cola that I was drinking. I felt like a voyeur as I watched several couples of women kissing and dancing together. Some seemed to be established couples whereas others had clearly just met that night.  I knew I had to go back there another day. 

After scanning the crowd in as much detail as the dim light would allow, I refocused my attention on my former student and realised that she was the woman that I desired the most in that place. I temporarily forgot about the previous tension and distance between us and I was suddenly dying to feel her close again.

“You know that I really like you?” she suddenly told me as she put her arm around me. 

“Even though we are night and day?”

“Yes, despite our obvious differences. I’ve fancied you for years”

“I like you too,” I replied. 

“Oh my God, what a thrill!” she said with an ironic tone, “But I would never ever go out with a woman like you.”

“Don’t worry, I wouldn’t ever go out with a woman like you either,” I said with a half-smile.

We suddenly kissed passionately on the dance floor. At that moment, I was no longer the voyeur; I became an exhibitionist, providing a show for anyone willing to watch. This feeling lasted as long as her kiss, because what I wanted most was to be alone with her and feel my bare skin against hers, especially after everything I had seen and experienced at the lesbian club.

“Let’s go home,” I told her.

As soon as we got past the door of my apartment, she pushed me against the wall of the hallway and kissed me passionately. We undressed each other so fast, as if our lives depended on it. We left the pile of clothes in the hall, and ran naked, tiptoe, hand in hand, to my bedroom and lay on my unmade bed. I lay on my back with her on top of me kissing me. After a few moments, she proceeded to make her way down to my vulva with her soft kisses.

She parted my knees, exposing my eager sex. She looked at my pussy like she was drooling with the desire to devour me. I sighed knowing that I was finally about to receive the cunnilingus that I had been promised hours earlier.

She put her hands on my thighs and opened them as wide as possible and began to bite me softly on my inner thighs making her way to my throbbing clitoris. When I finally felt her tongue tip shimmer against my clit with such expertise, I was soon trembling and I knew my orgasm was imminent. Noticing the delicious spasms, I began to moan like crazy, without thinking of my poor neighbours. Even when I was already catching my breath after my climax, she still continued to lick me. She showed no sign of stopping, in spite of the fact that I had already come. At that moment I  suddenly felt inspired to return the favour, so to speak, so I gently pushed her head away from me. 

“What are you doing?” she asked me with a breathless and almost frustrated tone. 

“Lie down… on your side,” I suggested. 

Instead of protesting, she did as she was told and she lay on her side, facing me. We kissed and I could taste my sweet nectar from her mouth. It really turned me on and then I started kissing her body. I explored her breasts, belly and thighs with soft kisses and gentle bites before making my way to her clitoris.  I never thought I would genuinely want to go down on a woman but at that moment I was hungry for her and it wasn’t to satisfy her but to satisfy my own desires to taste her and explore her everywhere. I had no idea what I was doing, but her soft moans indicated that at least it wasn’t terrible. Naturally,  I felt so relieved and encouraged by this, given my obvious lack of experience. 

“Stop, stop…” she said breathlessly as she pushed my head away just when I was really getting into it. 

“What’s wrong?” I was confused and worried that all of a sudden she didn’t like my technique…

“I just need to be in control of my orgasm…” she sighed before pushing me on my back again and getting on top of me. I noticed her impatience as she rubbed her wet vulva against me, so abruptly that my pubis began to hurt: no one had explained to me that sex between two women could become so painful. But I wasn’t complaining. Not at all, because the mere sight of her nearly losing control on top of me made up for it. When she finally came, she made a few loud moans and then gave me a brief hug before falling asleep next to me.

I turned off the light and as I listened to her breathing in the dark. I began to reflect on everything that I had experienced for the first time that weekend. There was only a few hours left the next day before we had to say our ‘goodbyes’. Instead of continuing with my lesbian learning journey, I decided that the next day I was going to teach her things that were more familiar to me sexually… so that I would become the teacher again.

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