national 69 day

National Oral Sex Day: A Guide on How to Prepare for Oral Sex

Just like any other type of sex, oral sex, or “69-ing”, can be done in different ways. It involves pleasuring your partner (or receiving pleasure) by using the mouth and tongue on their genitalia. 

national 69 day

The 69 position in particular means that both partners give and receive oral sex simultaneously! Flip the numbers 69 sideways and you can get the idea. One partner lies on their back while the other gets on top of them in a genitalia-to-mouth position.

It’s not as logistically complicated as it seems, but here are some things to keep in mind during your first time engaging in 69 or oral sex in general.

First Time Oral Tips

Talk to your partner before you start engaging in oral sex. 

Find out what they would like and ask them to be vocal during the act to guide you into giving them the best oral sex possible. Also make it clear to them that if they aren’t enjoying it, you can stop at any time. It can be just as nerve-wracking for the receiver as it can be for the giver.

Practice general hygiene.

As a rule of thumb, wash your genitals and hands before engaging in any type of sex. It’s not only something respectful you can do for your partner since they’ll be getting up close and personal, it’s also good practice to keeping your genitals free of bacteria.

Use your hands to get things going.

Especially if you’re giving oral to a penis, you’ll want to use your hands to get it stimulated and hard. It’s not necessary per se, but incorporating a hand into a blowjob is more stimulating for the receiver and takes some relief off your mouth. You don’t have to deep throat if you’re not comfortable and you can just focus on the head of the penis.

Similarly, you could stimulate the clitoris or vagina with your hand while you give oral sex. Some people prefer combination stimulation or stimulating the clitoris externally while stimulating the vagina through penetration, in this case, with your fingers since your genitalia are busy getting stimulated. Some people also prefer just the tongue providing stimulation, so this is something you could bring up beforehand.

If your partner has a sex toy they love, you can even incorporate that into oral sex or 69.

Slow it down.

As assumption that most people have when it comes to sex is that the faster it is, the better. It’s actually not the case at all. Sometimes slowing things down can make them more intense and focus all the pleasure in one area. 

Use slow, circular motions or slow, full-tongue licks to stimulate your partner. You can play around with different motions and read your partner’s body language and ask them what they’re enjoying to adjust. 

FAQ: What does cum taste like?

There are a variety of factors that influence the taste of cum. Its general composition includes 2/3 semen and 1/3 fluid from the prostate gland. It can taste anywhere from salty, to bitter, to sweet, to almost nothing at all. There are even some lifestyle changes you can make to change the taste of your cum.

FAQ: How does vagina taste?

Like cum, the taste of vagina can vary from person to person. It can also vary during different parts of the menstrual cycle, where discharge changes due to fluctuating hormones. Similarly to ejaculation from a penis, it contains fructose, glucose, and prostatic acid phosphatase. Basically, it can also taste salty, bitter, or sweet, and have changes in texture and color.

FAQ: Do I need to clean my vagina before oral sex?

Like stated previously, just make sure your hygiene is good. There is no need to do more than you would during a normal shower. There is no need to douche your vagina before engaging in oral sex. Douching can actually get rid of healthy bacteria that exist in your vagina. 

There is also absolutely no reason to be self-conscious about the smell or taste of your vagina. It is perfectly normal to have a scent and pheromones actually play an exciting role in attraction and intimacy. 

Whether you’re trying the 69 position, giving or receiving oral sex, or looking for an oral sex stimulator to masturbate with, we hope you have a very tasty 69 Day!