Breaking News: Best Black Friday Sex Toy Deals!

The holidays are right around the corner and Tinder is coming up short, so it’s time to swipe right on some crazy LELO Black Friday sex toy deals. We’re talking amazing discounts and bundles upon bundles of goodies sure to make your bits skip a beat.

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What’s even better? You can avoid the crazy chaos and hours of circling around for parking. These online deals can be accessed from your own bed, which might be a good place to be once you see these mood-inducing offers.


Pop culture is doing a better job at focusing on the positives of being single, but just to reiterate it to everyone in the back, here’s a reminder of some benefits:

  • You can take up the whole bed, use up all the sheets, and not have your beauty sleep disturbed by unsolicited alarms or middle-of-the-night nookie.
  • You have more time to focus on non-romantic relationships, especially the one with yourself. It’s easy to neglect introspection in a relationship, even though it should be the foundation of one.
  • You can flirt without being fearful that you’ve crossed any boundaries.
  • You can leave social gatherings when you actually want to. In fact, you’re always on your own schedule.
  • It’s a lot cheaper. No cards, no flowers, no couples’ vacations. Just a vibrator, perhaps.

Once again, happy Singles’ Day… No BF/GF November… Don’t Date December… Just Me January… or however long you want to “do you.”

Don’t forget to literally “do you” with these awesome sex toy deals.

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How did Black Friday start, anyway?

According to historical sources, the first Black Friday originated in 1869 in response to the crashing gold market. Two financial speculators, Jay Gould and Jim Fisk, acquired as much gold as they could in hopes of driving up the market price. When this particular Friday came around, their plan was realized which triggered a devastating collapse of the stock market. So, what does this have anything to do with the modern-day Black Friday? The analogy here refers to businesses incurring a year-long loss, then come Black Friday they experience profit from a blowout of discounted items.

However, this isn’t the only theory surrounding one of America’s favorite (and now a global) holiday. The most sensible idea to date behind Black Friday refers to Philadelphia police examining the chaos of fans attending the annual Army vs. Navy football game the day after Thanksgiving. The rowdy crowds are what reminds us of Black Friday shoppers camping out days before deals and trampling one another for the best discounts.

Luckily, we can now avoid the potential dangers of in-store shopping and access the same awesome deals from the comfort of our beds. Don’t forget to do your finger exercises and be quick to ready, set, click!