hey jealousy erotic story

Hey, Jealousy – An Erotic Story


It was a sweltering day in late May. The humidity in the air was thick and heavy. Sarah had just finished at the gym and was riding her bike home. She passed down Main Street which was congested and busy. All of the coffee shops and bistros were brimming with activity, with many kids now returning home from college for the summer.

She coasted down a hill past a park where four young, buff college boys had just finished a game of basketball. They were shirtless and drenched in perspiration, guzzling ice-cold sports drinks and gazing at Sarah as she rolled by them. One offered a wink and slight nod of his head. Sarah smiled and tilted her head back, letting the breeze catch her hair. She arrived home and parked her bike in the garage. Robert’s car was there, and she was excited to see what they would be up to for the remainder of the day. Maybe some cold margaritas and an afternoon fling inside with the AC cranked; anything to escape the heat. She took a moment to stretch. Her muscles were tired and sore, but she felt somewhat energized, and even a bit frisky. Sarah called out for Robert upon entering the house. No response. Maybe he walked down to visit their neighbor and watch the game on TV.

She slipped out of her workout clothes and took a quick, cool shower. Sarah massaged her neck slightly and let her sudsy hands linger a moment on her breasts as her hands slid over her body. She cupped a hand and rubbed her pussy briefly then pulled away, hoping Robert would tend to that later. After a nice, cold rinse and drying herself off with a soft, fluffy towel, she changed into a short skirt and a sleeveless top and sauntered into the bedroom. She was startled by a sudden sputtering sound from outside the house.

She went to the window and saw Robert attempting to start the lawnmower. His strong arms reached inward for the pull cord and then pulled back hard, but to no avail, the engine just would not turn over.  As she thought about going out to give him a hand, she saw the neighbor’s daughter, Sam, step out onto the patio next door. She had a watering can and proceeded to drench the potted plants and flowers with much needed moisture. Sam was home from college for the summer and often spent time lazing about the backyard, doing yoga or gardening, or sometimes lounging in her bikini reading trashy paperback novels. Today she was barefoot in very tight denim shorts and a tank top. She drizzled each plant carefully and looked sideways at Robert offering him just a slight hint of a smile.

Robert walked away and disappeared from Sarah’s field of vision. She watched Sam flitting about the patio and then setting down the watering can and turning on the lawn sprinkler. Sam strode across the lawn and leaped through the water of the sprinkler, a faint rainbow appearing in the mist as she burst through the rivulets of cool water flowing upward into the air. Robert returned with a toolbox and kneeled down to examine the engine.

Sam continued tending to the plants, bending over occasionally to reveal her plump ass, the crease of her cheeks peeking out from her shorts. She had radiant olive skin and cocoa brown hair that was wavy and drifted off her slight shoulders. Sam had huge, firm tits that bounced and swayed rhythmically as she walked. Robert glanced up from his work as Sam leapt through the water again. Her top was now soaked and the ends of her hair tightened up slightly into curls that she then pulled back and gathered into a ponytail. Her head tilted back and her chest heaved faintly as she inhaled deeply and then released as her breath rushed past her lips.

Robert stood up and checked his phone for a moment turning in profile to Sarah’s view as she watched from the window. He reached down stealthily and adjusted himself. Sarah’s eyes widened. She caught a glimpse of a slight bulge in Robert’s basketball shorts. She felt her cheeks and the back of her neck grow hot. “That fucker!” she thought. “He’s totally sprouting a chub watching that young thing dance around out there!” She pondered knocking on the window to disrupt this little escapade but with the rush of anger came another sensation.

Sarah closed her eyes for a moment and breathed slowly. Her skin was still warm and she felt her nipples perk up a bit. She opened her eyes and looked out again to see Robert gazing at Sam’s plump bubble butt as she reached in to raise the umbrella on the patio table. Water dripped down the backs of Sam’s thighs and down her smooth calves. Robert stroked the back of his head slightly and brought his arm up to wipe the perspiration from his forehead. Sarah watched him slide the tip of his erect cock up into his waistband, a feigned attempt to conceal his raging boner. Sarah hiked up her skirt and reached down between her legs. Her kitty was already wet as she ran two fingers over the hood of her clit and then plunged them into herself. She stroked herself steadily for a moment and then brought her hand back up and licked the juices from her fingers. Suddenly she heard the roar of an engine.

Sarah peered out the window. Robert was now hunched over the busted lawnmower as he looked up toward the familiar sound of the rear engine of a vintage convertible VW Beetle rolling into Sam’s driveway. Sarah adjusted her view from the window to see Sam’s best friend behind the wheel. “Hey, Maddie!” Sam shouted. Madeline May, or Maddie as she was known to all her family and friends (and Marathon Maddie in some circles), was a statuesque blonde, state track & field champ, lifeguard, star of the lacrosse team, honor student, bookworm, and a bit of an eccentric. She didn’t look like a jock, and she didn’t look like a nerd. Maddie looked like a jet set Czech supermodel, the type of girl you’d see on Instagram modeling a $600 swimsuit on the deck of a yacht off the coast of Croatia. She was, in a word, stunning.

Robert was like a deer in the headlights as Maddie stepped out of the Beetle, casually dropping her wayfarers down the bridge of her perfect little ski slope nose, revealing her piercing, steel blue eyes, “What up, Sammie?” she hollered. If he could barely keep his composure in front of Sam as she twirled about the yard, he was doomed to practically bust a nut in his shorts with the two of them now present. Sarah felt her skin grow warmer as the back of her neck tingled faintly, her pussy now dripping wet. She reached down again under her skirt and started to rub her clit very slowly in small, precise circles. Sarah breathed deeply and looked out the window.

“You’re a sweaty fucking mess,” Sam said as Maddie stepped onto the patio. “I just did a 10k trail run. Way too hot for that fucking shit. Can I jump in your shower?” Maddie replied. “Absolutely. Then let’s go out!” said Sam. Maddie was wearing running shorts and trail runners. Her smooth, creamy skin glistened in the sun as she let down the pile of sun-bleached locks from the top of her head, the end of her long mane landing almost at her waist. She unpinned the race bib from her top revealing her small, but firm and totally perky tits. Her nipples poked strongly against the fabric of her top. Robert was bent over the lawnmower again and nearly toppled over as Maddie bounced up and down on the balls of her feet and then bent over completely to give her toned calves and hamstrings a long stretch. The wrench he was holding clanked against the body of the mower and both girls looked over at him.

“Need a hand, champ?” inquired Maddie. Robert was speechless for a moment, then nodded, stood up and opened his arms slightly, gesturing that he had given up on the repair job. Sarah gazed at the three of them, her rhythm picking up slightly, her breathing becoming quicker, and her pussy increasingly more wet by the minute. Sam and Maddie bounded over to examine the situation. Robert muttered something that Sarah couldn’t quite make out. Maddie said, “I’m a fucking engineering student, I think I can figure it out,” as she pulled out her phone and slid into an Adirondack chair, crossing one of her long, toned legs over the other and letting out a sigh.

“Are you going to yoga tomorrow?” Maddie asked Sam. “Yeah. I learned a new pose last week. Check it out,” Sam replied. Sam configured herself on the grass next to the lawnmower, her forearms firmly planted in front of her, one leg raised high behind her, toes pointed toward the sky. Sam’s top tightened across her chest. Robert glanced over to see her chest heaving, her giant tits swaying below her; her dark mahogany areola clearly visible under her still wet shirt, large nipples almost piercing through the cotton. Robert turned quickly toward the house. Sarah dropped back a bit from the window and then carefully peered back out again. Robert adjusted his cock again, trying to hide his excitement. Sarah’s strokes were now quick and distinct. She worked her clit hard with one hand while she reached up under her shirt and flicked her nipples vigorously with the other. Her pussy was gushing at this point.

Maddie stood up from the chair and stammered something about a “two-stroke” and grabbed the wrench from Robert’s hand. She stepped toward Sam who was still in her pose and gently wrapped her hand around Sam’s ankle and then reached down with the other and lightly touched her hip, “You just need to extend a little more here, sweetie,” she said. Robert let out a slight cough and rubbed his eyebrows. The sweat was pouring off him and his shorts grew tighter around his cock. Maddie sidled over toward the lawnmower holding the wrench up as she brushed past Robert, meeting his gaze strongly with her glacial blue eyes, walking slowly and surely with a faint smirk emerging from her mouth.

Robert was holding his own the best he could, but the girls were clearly toying with him now. His heart raced in his chest, and his cock continued to pulse in his shorts. He felt a tiny drop of pre-cum leak out of the tip of his dick. He could barely contain his arousal. Sarah observed from afar, her fingers now working overtime on her love button, sweat trickling down her neck and falling between her breasts. She started to moan softly. She watched as Maddie crouched down and tinkered with the engine, her perfectly round, firm ass on display in her tight running shorts. Robert glanced down as Maddie arched her back and worked the wrench, the cleft of her ass peeking out, a tiny droplet of sweat rolling down the small of her back. Sam hunched across from her, knees bent and her hands clasped together, her arms pushing her enormous tits close together. Robert stared at her cleavage.

Sarah cried out faintly, trying to suppress her excitement and not give away her voyeuristic position. She rubbed frantically at her clit and then stuffed three of her fingers inside of herself, stroking strongly. She came hard and let out a wail. Her pussy pulsed repeatedly and her juices flowed heavily along the contour of her hand. Her knees buckled a bit and she let out a long sigh.

Sarah heard an engine roar. She peeked out the window to see Maddie letting go of the pull cord, and handing Robert the wrench; the mower now puttering away. The girls traipsed off back to Sam’s toward the sliding glass door off the patio. “Now for that shower,” Maddie exclaimed as she pulled her top right off as she crossed the threshold into the house. Robert sat stunned, catching just a brief glimpse of Maddie’s perfect, creamy, firm tits as she disappeared from view. He turned off the mower and made his way back to the garage.

Sarah left the bedroom and grabbed an ice cube from the freezer on her way to the garage. She pressed it firmly against her chest and then slid it gently up and down between her breasts. She opened the door to the garage and popped the remainder of the ice cube into her mouth. “Hey, babe. When did you get home?” asked Robert. “I just got out of the shower. Did you get the grass cut?” said Sarah. “Not yet,” Robert stuttered a bit, “had some, uh, mechanical issues.” Sarah leaned against the hood of Robert’s car. He approached her and she looked down toward his shorts. “What do we have here?” she asked as she reached out and slowly traced the contour of Robert’s still hard cock through his shorts with her fingertips.

Robert spun Sarah around quickly. She planted her palms firmly on the hood of the car and arched her back; raising her round ass toward Robert. She felt Robert hike up the back of her skirt. She heard him grab at the waistband of his shorts and shuck them down quickly. She felt his strong hand grasp her hip. His other hand reached below his shaft as he guided himself into Sarah in one fluid motion – every inch of him. He pulled himself almost all the way back out, very slowly, and then thrust forward again, his balls and thighs slamming into the back of Sarah, the shape of her ass quivering into tiny ripples. She braced herself against the warm metal of the car, feeling her legs weaken a little.

Robert’s rhythm gained momentum as he grabbed Sarah firmly by both hips now, pulling her toward him strongly, and pushing himself into her even stronger. Sarah thought she heard something around the corner from the garage. She tensed up a bit, her legs and pussy tightening up around Robert. His thrusts were faster and shallower now, the top of his glans now rubbing firmly and rhythmically against Sarah’s G-spot. Sarah swallowed hard and let out a long, deep moan. Robert exhaled audibly, letting out a slight grunt, like a tennis player launching himself into a powerful serve. Sarah heard something again and looked out the garage, her sweaty hands and arms sliding across the hood of the car, trying to maintain her stability. She felt control slide away from her as Robert continued to move inside of her, very quickly and with metronomic precision. She felt faint and her whole body tingled as the orgasm took hold. Robert came like a freight train. Sarah felt a river of cum jet out of him as he squeezed her hips. Sarah heard footsteps.

Maddie stepped into their view as Robert frantically reached down to pull up his shorts, and Sarah stood up, patting her skirt back down over her. “Hey, did I leave my phone over here?” asked Maddie. She strolled closer to them; her hair freshly washed, her skin radiant and smooth. She was wearing a lacy bodysuit and jean shorts with clogs. She shook her head a touch as she came closer; her long, damp mane catching a bit of the afternoon sun, the smell of shampoo permeated the air. Up close, she was tall and all lean muscle. Her stare was strong, icy. Robert reached into his pocket and pulled out her phone. “Yeah, you left it on the chair in the yard,” he said. Maddie grasped the phone with her long, slim fingers and tucked it into the back pocket of her shorts, turned on her heels and strided away. She slowed slightly before exiting the garage and glanced over her shoulder. Maddie gazed at them sideways, gently bit her bottom lip, snickered slightly, and was gone. Sarah exhaled deeply and relaxed her shoulders. The bulk of Robert’s steaming hot load trickled out of her, past her labia and down the inside of her thigh. She sat back on the hood of the car and looked up at Robert. He gently reached down and eased her up further, spreading her legs wide. He pulled up her skirt and bent over to kiss her pussy. He gave her labia a long slow lick and then pressed his tongue firmly against her and started working tiny circles around her clit.

“Oh well,” Sarah thought to herself, “the third time’s a fucking charm, right?”