longing erotic story

Longing – An Erotic Story


Sunlight peaks in around the window ledge, streaming through the shear curtains and warming my hand. I slowly waken, struggling to open my eyes. Something feels different. These are not my sheets, these are not my pillows.

As the room comes into focus, details from the previous night come rushing back. I yawn as I take in my surroundings. White cotton sheets, good quality, luxuriously soft. Feather pillow. As I lay on my right side, my eyes pan around the room. Very tidy, a tall dresser of dark wood with photos of family. A wedding, a newborn held by a scared, yet ecstatic looking father. The pale blue eyes of the father seem to be staring at me. I shiver with desire. My motion causes a soft murmur behind me and an arm comes around my waist, pulling me closer. Soft lips touch my bare shoulder. I stretch slightly and my backside comes into contact with him. He is getting hard, his large member growing between my buttocks. 

His kisses move to my neck, becoming firmer as his hand moves to cup my breast. My nipple hardens in his palm. I turn over to face him and stare into the same pale blue eyes in the photograph. The same eyes, but older. Wonderful laugh lines radiate from them. His sensual lips move to capture mine. Memories of last night sweep through me, causing my arousal to moisten my tender pussy. Tender from the repeated and relentless pounding of urgent and desperate sex. It was inevitable that we would end up here. 

We fought it for so long. Years of you keeping me at arm’s length. Watching as I grew from a teenager who was unsure about my feelings. I was always inexplicably drawn to you. Your visits with my father were times I looked forward to without even understanding why, knowing you felt something for me too. I caught your occasional stares. Watching as my hips spread, legs lengthened, breasts grew. But you were never inappropriate. That was years ago. I am a woman now. Recently graduated from college. I believe it was fate that brought me, unknowingly, to your new city. Fate that put us working in neighboring buildings. Fate that brought us to the same bar for Friday after work drinks with colleagues.

I was two drinks in when I saw you walk in, laughing at something someone said. My heart raced when I saw you. Your hair was more silver and your face a little fuller than the last time we met. The rest of your body had not changed. Still hard and chiseled. I watched as you and your group took a table. Being shy, I wasn’t comfortable walking up to you to say hi. I got up and went to the bar for a round of drinks, making sure to walk through your line of sight. Putting the tiniest bit of sway in my hips as I walked. Being careful to avoid looking at you, I carried the drinks back to the table. We quickly downed the drinks, and someone suggested we dance. The bar was not big, it was inevitable that you would see me if you looked around. I kept my dancing moderate – sensual, but classy. 

By the middle of the second song, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to find myself face to face with you. My heart hammered in my chest as I gave you a slow, wide smile. I pulled you in for a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, then pulled you further onto the dance floor. You didn’t hesitate. Your left hand reached for my waist and the right loosely held my hand and we started to dance.

You asked what I was doing here, and I told you how I ended up in this city and this bar. We found out we were ‘work neighbors,’ and laughed at the coincidence. I was becoming intoxicated by your scent and the feeling of your hands holding me. The song changed to one with a slower beat and you pulled me in a bit closer. A bit too close, my breasts lightly brushed up against your chest and I felt my nipples harden. Fighting to keep my composure I stepped back a bit, then made the mistake of looking into your eyes. I nearly drowned in the depths of your eyes. I could tell you were as affected by our contact as I was. 

You asked if I would like to get some dinner with you and I accepted. We left the dance floor, only reluctantly releasing each other’s hands. We gathered our things and walked out into the night. I asked where you wanted to go. You had chicken that needed to be cooked at home and invited me to join you there. As we walked to your car, I shivered at the thought of being in your house, but very respectfully said it would be nice to see your family again. “Well that will have to wait for another time,” you say, “everyone is taking a summer break with the wife’s family. It will be nice to have someone to cook for.” 

The car ride was tense. You seemed perfectly at ease, but my senses were on overload as erotic scenes played through my mind. “Behave,” I had to tell myself. This is a family friend, he is married, much older, and I have had no indication that he is interested in anything other than catching up. 

We arrived at your house and pulled into the garage. A lovely historic home with attention being paid to accurate restoration. You guided me through the butler’s pantry into a spotless chef’s kitchen. I excused myself to the restroom and you point the way down the hall. I took some extra time to calm myself down and clean up the wet that had begun to form between my legs. Staring into the mirror I tell myself to get a grip and calm down. I wash my hands and dry them and rejoin you in the kitchen. 

Two classes of white wine are waiting on the counter. I take a sip and offer to help as I move to stand next to you to chop vegetables. I can feel the heat radiating from your body. I feel my nipples harden again and hope they are not visible through my shirt. With expert skill, I make quick work with the vegetables. I turn to pass them to you, but you are standing there with your eyes closed. I push the cutting board over to you and notice your hands are clenched.

“Are you alright?” I ask. You grimace and I reach out to touch your hand. You start as my hand connects with yours and you turn to me, your eyes burning into mine. “No, I am not alright.” You say as you put your hand on my cheek and move in to touch your lips to mine. 

Our first kiss is tentative. A question. Is this ok? The second lingers. With the third you open your mouth and gently touch your tongue to my lips. I am yours now, like I have wanted to be for years, like you have been dreaming about since I was in high school. My arms reach up to your shoulders to steady myself as our kiss deepens. With a soft moan you pull me tight against you and slide your tongue into my mouth. I feel your erection through your pants and my pussy responds. Your hands move to my backside and pull my hips to grind on you. 

Everything moves fast now. We are desperate for each other. I am backed up against the counter with my legs slightly spread. You settle between them and grind against my clit. My head falls back as I moan at the sensation. Your hands move to cup my breasts and I arch my back further, wanting you to knead my breasts and pull on my hard nipples.

You undo my white blouse, pulling the hem out of the waistband of my black skirt, and lay it down on the counter. I lay back on the counter as well, forcing my clit to grind and grind against you as you lean over and take my nipples in your mouth, one by one. Unable to wait any longer, you pick me up, wrapping my legs around your waist, and carry me to your bedroom. The way there I spend kissing your lips, your neck, sucking on your earlobe, nipping at you. You kneed my buttocks and pull me tighter against you. There is still way too much fabric separating us.

We reach your room and you lay me gently onto the bed, standing to remove your shirt. I sit up and reach to undo your belt and pants, trailing my fingers over your erection. I hear a low moan in your throat as I caress you, pulling your pants down with the other hand. Your feet kick off your shoes and you bend over to remove your pants and socks, then push me back on the bed.

Kneeling between my legs you run your hands up my thighs, pushing my skirt up as you go. Your gaze intense as you uncover my panty-covered mound. The black lace bikini panties are soaked through with my desire. My hips twitch as you run your fingers between my torso and my legs to trace the edge of the panties. Gently, your finger runs from my mound down, over my clit, down into the wet. You moan again and lean in to smell my arousal. My fingers are buried in your hair as you remove my panties, revealing smooth, bare skin. 

You are entranced by my clit, seeing it swollen and needful, peeking out from between my lips. Your finger caresses it gently, then more firmly, causing my back to arch off the bed.  You trail your finger down into my crease and feel the silky wetness created by you. Waiting for you. My eyes close involuntarily as your tongue makes contact with my clit and your finger slides into me. I am so overwhelmed by sensation, already on the edge of my climax. My hips move rhythmically as your finger and tongue work magic on my body. I can’t lay still; I can’t stop the mewling sounds coming from my throat as you continue your torment. My head shakes back and forth, and I start to cum around your finger. I hear you whisper “yesss” as my cum covers your hand.

I am breathless as I come down from my climax. You stand up and remove your briefs, finally releasing your hard, wet cock. You kneel on the bed and move me up to the center of the bed. I want to roll you over and taste your body, take you in my mouth, but you don’t let me. Holding my hands on either side of my head our fingers entwine as you settle between my legs.

We are perfectly matched and your head rubs against my clit, still oversensitive from the intense climax you have already given me. Again, I can’t keep my hips still. I want you inside me, need you inside me. I wrap my legs around your waist and rub my clit up and down you. After you finally move to my entrance you begin to push inside me. I am nervous, having never taken in someone so long or thick. You take your time ensuring that my juices are all over you, then you push forward fully and bury yourself inside me. We both moan as I stretch farther than I have before. You pause and watch me; a questioning look in your eyes. I nod to let you know I am ok.

You tighten your grip on my hands and thrust into me, moving with confidence and authority. I gasp as your thrusts rub my clit over and over, my legs wrapped tightly around you and my hips rising to meet every thrust. Your eyes close slowly as your head tilts back. “Oh, fuck,” you mutter as you move harder in and out, your toes curling at the exquisite pleasure of my tight pussy. My hips are rocking up and down faster, wanting you to hit my clit harder as I feel a second climax build.

You are crazed now, pummeling into my pussy as I start to moan and writhe, losing control of my movements. My body begins to shake as my second climax overtakes me and I yell as I feel my pussy clench around you. Your moans increase in intensity and volume as you feel me cumming around your cock. You yell out ‘HOLY FUCK!” as I feel you explode inside me. Feeling your heat flood me as spurt after spurt of cum is emptied into me.