put me in my place erotic story

Put Me In My Place – An Erotic Story

Shawn sat at the faux oak boardroom table in the cool room, waiting for the meeting to start.

put me in my place erotic story

Evelin sat down across from him. He looked up in time to glimpse a sliver of cleavage as the neckline of her soft blue blouse dipped when she leaned forward. And he watched her chest bounce when she scooted her chair to the table.

“How’s your day been, Shawn?” she asked.

“Just got better,” he said, still grinning at what he had enjoyed. “But it’ll be great around, say, six when I’m at Harkenrider’s.”

Evelin pursed her lips, confused.

“I’m breaking out. Making an early getaway from the office, a getaway that I need.”

“You make leaving the office at a decent hour sound so illicit.”

“Sometimes breaking out of jail is criminal. Other times it may be the only way to survive.”

“I’d consider breaking out too, if my assignments weren’t prison guards.”

“Harkenrider’s does sound good though.” She tapped her ink pen against her pink lips.

The meeting began when the department head set down his cup of steaming hot coffee next to his files. And two hours later, he ended the meeting when he grabbed his empty coffee cup.

Shawn stood and stretched. “That sort of meeting is the reason for prison breakouts.”

He glanced at Evelin, hoping for another peek of cleavage.

He had been intrigued by her soft charm that matched her soft body. Neither her blouse nor her beige business jacket could hide her shapely chest. And she had the exact amount of weight to make her skirt fit her form.

“Two hours from now, I’ll be making my escape.” Shawn arched his eyebrows wickedly. “Feel free to come with me, or meet me there later. We’ll just hang out with no talk about jail or doing hard time.”

She only smiled, and they both left the boardroom through separate doors.

Shawn relaxed at the smooth oak bar at Harkenrider’s, appreciating the barley flavor of his third dark beer and the free buzz that came with it. But he was suddenly shaken from his state when an arm snaked around his neck and tightened.

A gritty voice growled in his ear. “The warden sent out the bloodhounds for you hours ago, Whelchel, you son of a bitch. But damn those hounds, I knew right where to find you.”

Then the arm tightened. Shawn’s face was contorted and his hands were gripping the bar.

“Snitches, they’re everywhere,” the voiced added, “So just be quiet and buy me a drink.”

Then the arm released its strangle hold.

Shawn turned to see Evelin. She was bent over and howling in laughter, her hand holding onto his stool. The bartender was laughing too.

“What the—” Shawn hurled out the words. His face still flushed red.

Regaining herself, Evelin said, “Don’t fuck with the warden, son.”

“Damn it, Evelin, I was ready to—”

“To what?” she taunted, raising her chin defiantly. “You wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I could’ve grabbed my mug and swung.” He grabbed it by the handle. “And you don’t know what protection I carry in my pocket.”

“I can guess. An expired condom!” Evelin and the bartender shrieked together again.

Shawn raised his hands in surrender. “You got me, you got me. I’m found out. Call off the hounds. I owe you a drink. What’ll you have?”

“I’ll have—”

“Get her a double shot of tequila.”

Evelin studied him for a moment. Interested that he chose tequila for her—and a double shot at that.

The bartender set down the glass and poured in the tequila. Evelin lifted the tall shot glass.

“We can make a night of it, since you’ll be back in prison in a few hours.” And she downed the tequila.

“And you’ll be my accomplice in this little scheme,” he joked.

“No.” She stopped him abruptly. “I’ll be your hostage, a captive. I will be held until all of your demands are met, every single one.”

Shawn was quiet for a moment.

“I guess I can take you prisoner.”

“You guess you can! Come on, give me a reason to be afraid, dude. Grow some nuts. Prison life has toughened you up, made you crazy. It has brought out the sadistic criminal in you.” She banged her fists into his chest.

He suddenly grabbed her wrists and glared into her face. She flinched, taking a quick breath.

“Bitch, you mines now.” A horrid look infested his narrowed eyes as he stood up. “And don’t even think about goin’ sneakin’ off to tell the sheriff ’bout my escape. I’ll kill you and bury you where you won’t never be found again.”

He released his hard grip on her wrists. Red marks slowly faded back to Evelin’s natural tone.

She shrugged. “That sounds better. A little over-the-top, but that’ll keep me quiet and submissive for a little while.”

Returning to himself, Shawn asked, “Where’s all this coming from? You’re a different Evelin than the one who works in the administration office.”

“Ever been to the admin office?”

He shook his head.

“Then you won’t ever get it.”

In a flash, she grabbed his wrist, twisted his arm, and slammed his shoulder against the bar. She hissed, “And you never will until you get there.”

“Okay, okay, let me go. This hurts.”

She released him and shook her head.

“We’ve got to work on your criminal behavior, make you a sinner. You don’t need those ‘sinner’ skills in business development? That’s where most mobsters are found these days. Out to make a dollar for the company and two for themselves on the side.”

Shawn rubbed his sore shoulder. “I can break the law as well as anyone else in BD.”

She grinned again.

As they talked, she took in the details of his face, the curves of his reddened cheeks, his lips, thoughtful eyes, and his trimmed hair. She liked his sharp profile. She had always liked to run her eyes along his features when in board meetings.

After a while, he set down cash for the bartender, and she grabbed her purse.

At his black sedan, parked behind the bar, Shawn opened the car door for her.

“Ma’am,” he said and nodded like a chauffeur. He sneaked a glance at her round breasts and her cleavage. A surge of excitement shot through his heart and downward. But in an instant that excitement was gone.

She slammed him up against the car.

“Okay, ya little shit. I’m sick of your attitude and disrespect for the badge.”

He twisted his neck toward her.

“What am I being arrested for, officer, you … you pig?”

He saw her ferocious face, gritting her teeth.

“Aggravated assault and resisting arrest,” she growled back an inch from his face.

She forearmed his shoulder blades. “I don’t even think you have a license to drive me home.”

She grabbed a hunk of his ass.

“Now, spread your legs. Have any weapons on you or anything that could stick me?”

“Yeah, I got a weapon that’ll stick you.”

“Where is it?”

“In my pants.”

Her body pressed tight against his, she slid a hand in each of his front pockets. Caught inside was his growing cock. She began to rub it. More pleasure and anticipation struck his body. His pulse sped up once more.

“Feels like it might be a pretty big weapon. You could hurt someone with that,” Evelin said.

“My weapon makes me a felon. It gave me my criminal record. I make cops, like your sorry ass, worry when they understand what I’ve got.”

“Oh yeah? Men always try to make a big weapon out of a little cock. Yours would look good on my display of shanks that I’ve taken from prisoners of mine.”

One hand continued to fondle his dick, but the other reached into her jacket.

He felt her release so he jerked away from her. He was face to face with a surprised Evelin, a pair of handcuffs dangling in her hand.

“What the hell, Evelin! You just carry cuffs with you?”

She grinned deviously. “I never let my guard down around your kind.”

Shawn decided then that he had enough. He snatched the handcuffs, turned her and shoved her against the car.



He smacked her ass and frisked her, like she had done. He unbuttoned her jacket, ran his hands over her soft waist, and grabbed her ample tits that were captured in an underwire bra.

She moaned with his patdown.

Shawn opened the rear door.

“Get in,” he ordered.

She attempted to object, but he stopped her.

“Now! I don’t want backtalk, I don’t want trouble. Do what you’re told.” His stern glare silenced an objection from Evelin.

In her form-fitting business suit, she turned her back to the car door and, without any hands for balance, plopped down on the backseat. He didn’t let her put her legs in the car though. He stood directly in front of her.

She raised her innocent doe eyes to meet this new-found criminality. She was his hostage.

His hand reached to his fly and slowly unzipped it. He pulled out his hardened cock.

She started to speak, but he pushed his dick against her lips, then rubbed it from sweet dimple to sweet dimple.

“Open your mouth,” he grunted.

She didn’t, but only tightened her lips.

“You want trouble?” He slapped his thickened head against her cheeks.

“You want to get out of this alive? There’s only one way I let my hostages go. Guess what it is.”

She looked up again with childlike eyes and then down to the cock staring into her face.

“Open up for dear life.”

Evelin timidly parted her lips. Seeing them move, Shawn thrust in his cock. She gagged initially, but soon, she was bobbing her head back and forth on Shawn’s dick. He grabbed her golden brown hair to shove her face forward in motion with his hips. He murmured as he enjoyed her twisting tongue.

Feeling pleasure rise, he pushed Evelin’s long hair behind her ears so her tresses wouldn’t cover her face. He wanted to see her swollen lips wrap around his hardness.

He saw her mouth and cheeks were smeared with spit, and strands of saliva had drooled down her chin and onto her chest, staining her soft blue blouse and beige business coat.

In her own she-devil manner, Evelin pulled back her face from his cock, allowing a rope of saliva to stretch from her tongue to the head of his dick. She connected her eyes with Shawn’s and then charged forward to lap at underside of his length.

Moments later, she tasted a sparkle of his saltiness, a foretelling, so she double-timed her deep-throating. Shawn realized his hostage was taking control of him again.

He inhaled hisses as if he was being burned and pressed the palm of his hand on her forehead.

“Evelin!” he stammered. He released a deep groan. “Oh, shit!”

Evelin saw his bodily contortions, so she suctioned his cock harder. As she moved out slowly from base to the pulsating head.

He grabbed the car door and slammed his fist and dented the roof. “Goddamn!” he wheezed, attempting to hold back his eruption.

She pulled the dick from her mouth, to show him the froth of her mouth covering it. The sight bowled him over. “Fuck, fuck …” and he hissed again.

Then he went silent, standing still. His face grimaced, eyes shut tight, teeth clenched, brow bunched.

Evelin opened her mouth and let his thick cum ooze from her mouth, over her lips, down her chin, and then drool onto her blouse. She fingered a goop from her chin and licked it off, loving it like sweet whipped cream.

Shawn rested his arms on the car, as he regained his composure.

“Am I free to go?” she asked innocently.

“No,” he snapped.

“Why?” She tilted her head.

He cupped her messy chin with his hand. “I don’t trust you. You’re wearing a wire on your body. I felt it, and I am going to find it.”

She stared directly at him. “Try to find it. I dare you.”