mmf threesome

Reclaimed – An Erotic Story

I brought a glass closer to my eyes to better observe the thick red color of 7 fuentes wine against the light of the late afternoon sun.

Rich peppery fruitiness playfully danced on top of some earthy mineral tones, donated by the mighty volcano on whose slopes the grapes grew.

The wine was pretty unique, but it could not distract my mind for very long. It could not distract my mind away from the fact that the love of my life was about to get fucked by another man right in front of my eyes. For the first time ever.

mmf threesome

It was to be the beginning (and possibly the end) of a journey of our marital sexual liberation.

To prove my dedication to the cause, I insisted that her “event” comes before mine. I pretended to be rational and cool headed, but in reality, I also wanted to test myself, because I suspected she would have a hard time forgiving me if I aborted the mission after having my own moment of fun. And now I was sweating profusely, much more than necessary given the pleasant spring-time temperature of an incoming June evening on Tenerife.

“Would you like some more wine, Eric?” my wife asked, and I could sense both nervousness and dedication in her voice.

Eric slowly waved his head to reject the offer before letting out a delayed thank you. He looked directly into her eyes as he replied and she responded with a fixated gaze of her own.

She downed what was left of her wine before putting the glass on the table. With almost childlike uncertainty she touched his bicep with her right hand and placed the left palm on his chest, where a partially unbuttoned shirt revealed his tan skin. Eric gently stroked her face before leaning over to kiss her.

The quick glance with which he checked my reaction did not escape my attention. My face remained stone-cold, or at least that was my intention. With a frozen smile, I leaned back into my chair to observe the show.

We were sitting on a spacious balcony overlooking the beach of El Medano; me in an armchair and the two of them on the couch. Eric was a dark haired and tan Canadian surfer we had known for about a week before inviting him over for a session of sex with my wife.

I knew hardly anything about him, but I truly respected his commitment to the lifestyle of surfing and sex. Especially since he did not seem like a guy spending family money. In his thirty-something years he must have spent considerable time working as a waiter in beach bars around the world to support his surfing passion. I admired that.

They shared long kisses while she unbuttoned his shirt. I could tell she really appreciated his firm body by the way she slid her palm up and down his six pack abs several times. It was good that I wasn’t insecure about my body, because he was good looking. You could definitely see the difference between his body, shaped battling the waves, and the regular gym rat.

She kissed his neck and chest and he slid one hand over her breasts to feel them. While removing his shirt, she put one leg over and sat on top of him. They were making out passionately and she grinded against his crotch. Her tongue was deep in his mouth.

“My god, does she look depraved,” I thought to myself watching the well-tamed lust I 

had known so well go completely feral and unrestrained. The wilderness inside of her shook off the years of marital dormancy. Like a wild beast waking up from a long hibernation.

He took the dress over her head and threw it on the floor, revealing her sexy red underwear I helped her choose just hours before. Eric unhooked the bra like a true expert, removing it to reveal her breasts, much whiter than the rest of her skin. Her nipples were erect with pleasure and arousal. After giving her tits a light squeeze with both hands, he tasted the first and then the other nipple, teasing them with his mouth and tongue.

I was mad with jealous excitement. The feeling was completely new to me and I both loved and hated it.

He grabbed her ass, still in a sexy red g-string, and squeezed it hard. Lifting a string, he slid his hand in her panties and over her ass. She started moaning louder, so I assumed one or more of his fingers slipped inside her pussy from behind.

He spent some time fingerfucking her and I could hear the sound of his palm slapping against her ass. Then she slowly slid off him to the side. Still making out, she gave his crotch a squeeze with her hand and then, after some fumbling with the zipper, she opened his fly and took his cock out.

For the first time in my life I was witnessing a scene I knew happened before my time – my love with another man’s cock. She sighed.

“Wow, what a perfect cock!” she stated with girlish simplicity.

“Well, don’t mind me drinking wine with my, I guess, imperfect cock,” I thought to myself. 

But I had to admit it was an admirable cock, I just had to give him that. Relatively big, although not spectacularly massive, but a nice, very straight shaft with a thick glans.

She landed a couple of thorough licks, stretching them from the shaved balls all the way to his glans and then stuffing as much of it as she could in her mouth. Which was barely half of the thing.

At first she sucked on it very slowly, but the pace gradually increased. After some time she found a nice and steady rhythm and just a couple of minutes later Eric started moaning and his perfect six pack abs started contracting.

“The guy seems ready to blow,” I thought and, as if she had heard my thoughts, she stopped, gazing directly into his eyes. When she took it out of her mouth the mixture of his precum and her saliva stretched from her lips like a string.

The moment I kind of dreaded had arrived. She took off her panties and threw them behind her back. For the first time since she started making out with the guy she acknowledged my presence by looking me straight in the eyes.

I knew right away why she did it – we hadn’t established clear rules on protection and she wanted to know how I felt about it. But I was expressionless, the decision was hers to make.  

So, she once again mounted him, bareback, but then, instead of taking him inside as I had expected, she pressed his penis against his stomach and started grinding against it with her pussy, rhythmically rubbing her clit against him.

Minutes must have passed in their moaning and my suspense, before she reached back with her right hand, first squeezing his balls, then firmly grabbing his penis. Guiding it from behind, between her ass cheeks and over the asshole, she reached the pussy. Once she found the right angle, she sat on it, and the whole thing snuggly slid inside of her.

The moment I saw the surfer guy slide into my wife I felt like something died inside of me and something new was born at the same time. I noticed I was breathing heavily with excitement so I took another sip of the wine. We made out with other people before for fun, but this was something completely new.

The new overwhelming feeling took over me – the ecstatic mixture of arousal, jealousy, even a taste of nostalgia over the innocence we just lost… but somewhere under all that I felt I loved her and I intensely enjoyed seeing her pleasure in a display unlike any I’ve ever seen before.

With the spectacular view of the sunset in the background, I drank some more wine while watching my wife fuck a guy on a couch. After some time, they put a couch pillow on the floor and she kneeled on it on all four.

Eric grabbed her hips and entered her from behind. Fast but constant rhythm of his moves was marked by the sound of wet slapping of his body against her ass. She moaned louder and louder. He wet his thumb with a copious amount of saliva and first rubbed her anus with it, then slid it in. She was creaming and screaming. They were both close to coming.

“Inside,” she told him, “you can come inside, I’m on the pill.”

The moment later he exploded inside of her. Or to be more precise, from my perspective it looked like he imploded. Once the contractions subsided, they both collapsed on the floor.

Some time had passed before he got up and slowly collected his clothes. I poured him a glass of wine, which he took with a kind thank you. My wife was still lying on the floor touching herself a bit, breathing heavily. I sat next to her and gave her a sip of my wine.

“Are you properly fucked?”

“Almost,” she said “but there’s one more thing”

I gave her an inquisitive look.

“Will you reclaim me… please?”

“You want me to take you,” I asked and looked at her vagina leaking another man’s cum, “like this?”

“Yes, will you?”

Instead of answering, I stood up and walked over to the table. Eric was rolling a joint, but froze for a moment as they both followed my reaction closely. I took two unlit candles from the table and put them close to her on each side of her body. I borrowed his lighter without question and lit the candles. I threw his lighter back to him and he caught it like a pro. I took my shirt off and threw it behind my back.

My wife smiled and I let my pants slide on the floor, remaining completely naked. My penis was rock hard. As I entered her, my cock pushed out a small stream of her lover’s sperm.

I hugged her and I kissed the mouth that had so recently sucked a stranger’s dick. The jealousy and confusion were gone. What was left was love, pure love and the complete connection. My wife and I slowly and passionately made love while the surfer watched us, smoking a joint. A large moon was presenting itself in the shape of a half-eaten pie and the stars were beginning to appear as well.

After some time I felt that she was close, already trembling with an incoming orgasm. I kneeled and lifted her legs on my buttocks. It was our familiar pose, I knew the curve of my erection would press tightly on her G-spot. I knew her body so well. I was reclaiming it.

Eric was standing next to us and he passed me the joint. At first I was a bit surprised by this action, but then I took a deep toke.

“What a bro move,” I thought, “this is the type of guy I can really share with.”

I closed my eyes and dissolved into the moment. My wife started coming. Instead of some loud porno climax, she started trembling with relaxed pleasure, allowing a long and steady orgasm to take over her body from its very core. After I felt she passed a point of no return, I simply let go and our orgasms fused into one. The two of us fused into one. It felt amazing. It felt right.