sauna hot erotic story

Sauna Hot – An Erotic Story

Charlotte toweled off in her steam-fogged bathroom. To her dislike, rubbing the thick cloth against herself made her lower body jiggle. She flung the white towel over a hanger and wiped off the moisture from the mirror with her hand. When she saw her reflection, the comments of a former lover came to mind. She would look great in a tight pair of polyester police pants. He meant it for good, but it still had its lasting effect.

sauna hot erotic story

The next day, she handed the attendant her credit card, and he gave her a year-long pass to the gym.

Rows of treadmills whirred as ladies with tight little bodies jogged and watched television. The weight plates clanked against other plates as the men worked their bodies in front of wall-length mirrors. Sneakers eeked on the hardwood floor as guys played basketball on the indoor court. Even a teenage boy was spotting a lean girl who was halfway up a rock wall.

She walked on the treadmill for half an hour but got bored. She did some leg and glute workouts, which she had researched online. She got tired out and decided she’d done enough for her first workout, so she headed to the indoor pool. She glided into the water, waist-deep. It was cold, making her nipples constrict. They were probably noticeable to everyone, since she had packed her body into the swimsuit. To her disappointment, in the pool, senior citizens were doing water aerobics and mothers played with young kids splashing.

In the women’s locker room, she noticed a sauna. She shed her bathing suit, rinsed off in the shower quickly and, with only a towel wrapped around her, stepped into the aspen-walled room. The heat took her breath away for a moment. She sat on an upper row of wooden benches and let herself get accustomed to the high temperature and the dry air.

She was alone so she dropped the towel, baring her heavy breasts but kept her lap covered. Soon, close by, she heard giggling and muted chit-chat and then more giggling. The sauna’s door opened, and in stepped a teenage girl and her boyfriend. Both of them were flirting and playing when they came in but were silenced when they saw Charlotte, bare-chested.

“Oh, my god, I am so sorry,” the girl said, aghast.

Charlotte opened her eyes and saw the girl’s embarrassment and the boy’s astonishment. He had been sexually sucker-punched. He was obviously staring at her tits, because his mouth fell open but then it twisted into a grin. He all but forgot his petite, young girlfriend. 

Charlotte’s breasts were much larger than the girl’s, though the girl’s were perkier. For some reason, Charlotte’s chest had grabbed the boy’s attention and hadn’t let go.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl muttered, “we need to leave.” She had to drag her dumbfounded boyfriend out of the sauna.

While awkward, Charlotte was pleased to know she still had the power to catch and keep the attention of all sorts of men, no matter the age.

Charlotte visited the gym regularly, working out and watching people. She started to attend a yoga session and a kickboxing class. She began to feel better even if the police department still didn’t have a pair of polyester pants that would fit her ass.

One evening, she laid down on a weight bench, ready to give the weight bar a few pumps. Before she could lift the bar from the rests though, someone asked her, “Do you need a spotter, ma’am?”

She sat up. “Ma’am?”

“Hi, I’m Brad.”

It was the same guy who had barged into the sauna with his girlfriend a few weeks ago.

“It’s only forty-five pounds. I think I can lift it. And my name is Charlotte, not ‘ma’am.’”

“Try a couple of lifts and then maybe we can add some weight,” he suggested.

On her back, she lifted it easily four times. Before the fifth, he stopped her.

“You can up this weight.”

She looked up at him. “I don’t want the bar to fall and crush me.”

“You can do more than you think you can. Let’s push it a little more.”

“Push it good, push it real good?” She did a little shimmy dance on the bench on her back.

Brad was confused. “Huh?”

“Never mind, an old rap song from the 80s.” She knew they were from different eras. He knew nothing about hers and, well, she knew more than he thought about his.

He added ten-pound plates to both sides of the bar and slid on the metal guards. “Just a couple more pounds. Nothing to worry about.”

She laid on her back again. Feet pressed onto the rubber floor mat, hands gripping the weight bar, she lifted and immediately set the bar back on the rests. “This is going to be a lot heavier. Be ready to help.” 

She tilted her head back and looked up at him. He was tall and she thought he was kind of cute from that angle. Nice head of curly hair, a young muscular body, strong hands.

“I got you on this, don’t worry. I’ll help lift it if you need any. You got this though. Power through it.”

She settled in again. She heaved the bar from the rests and held it directly above her chest. Her biceps and triceps wriggled but tightened when she brought the bar down and then pushed it up. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Then Brad guided the bar onto the rests.

“Great job. I knew you could do it.”

She sat up. “That was easier than I thought.”

She decided to keep this guy around for a little while. A young guy couldn’t be that bad. “Can you add five more pounds onto each side for me? I’ll do a set of five, if I can.”

Brad trotted to the weight tree and took two small plates. Charlotte watched him move. A lean young man, she noticed he had toned the muscles in his arms and shoulders. His legs were strong and he had a cute butt. He matched the little girl he had come into the sauna with.

Brad positioned himself at the head of the weight bench and helped Charlotte lift the weight bar from the rests.

“Ready for this?” he asked.

She lowered the bar and it came down faster than she expected. Her arms took the weight though and she heaved it up.

“One,” he said.

She lowered and lifted it again.


Down and up.


Down and up.


She gritted her teeth and felt sweat bead along her scalp. Her muscles were near their maximum. She heaved it up.

“Five. You got this. Give me two more.”

“Two?” she asked, before taking her arms from the straight locked position.

“Come on. I know you can do it,” he encouraged her. “Exhale on the way up. Push it.”

She brought the bar down but, going up, her right arm raised higher than her left. She couldn’t raise the bar, which put it at an awkward angle. But Brad reached down to offer help. When he did, his shorts brushed over Charlotte ’s face. She glanced up, to see Brad packed tightly in a tiny pair of gray jockeys. In that quick moment, she noticed he was pleased to be working with her. 

Charlotte, with Brad’s help, put the weight bar safely in its rest. She sat up and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand.

“I knew you could lift that weight.” He handed her a small towel. “You’ve really gotten stronger and toned over the past few months.”

His comment surprised Charlotte. She spun toward him. He’d been watching her. 

“Over the past few months?”

At the gym, she thought she was the one scanning the scene, but others on the scene we’re checking her out. She wondered how many more people.

Charlotte thanked Brad for his help and his encouragement. “I’ve enjoyed coming to the gym. It’s been good for me.”

“How often do you make it here?” he asked.

She huffed with a smile. Like he didn’t know. “Three times a week at most. Long days at the office, cleaning the house, my favorite TV dramas, it all takes up most evenings.”

Brad laughed.

Charlotte asked, “You have a girlfriend these days?”

“Had. We broke up a month or two ago.”

She touched his arm, wondering how he’d react. She noticed her touch flipped his demeanor. He caught her signal. “I’m sorry to hear that. There are more girls out there. Look at them all in here. Cute butts everywhere.”

“Here? I don’t think so. I’ve not found anyone.”

“Did you and your old girlfriend come here? Spend time in the saunas?”

Brad’s cheeks reddened and he released a groan of embarrassment, putting his face in his hand. “That day. Ha! I knew you’d remember. How embarrassing, every part of it.”

“Every part?”

“Don’t take that the wrong way. I mean, I don’t want to say every part was … Well, everything I did was … I should have …”

“I hope not every part of it was embarrassing,” Charlotte said, with a wanton smile.

“I am embarrassed by what I did. To be honest though,” he paused before he continued, as if questioning his next statement. “It’s taken me a long time before I would come up to you. I hated the idea of you remembering me.” His eyes moved right and left, looking all around the room, except at Charlotte.

“Don’t worry about it.” She touched his hand again. “I get a lot of looks from, well, from everywhere.”

Brad stood there, quietly. He may have been getting over what he had just admitted to this woman. 

“Before you go, do you want to, uh …” He paused and ran his fingers through his hair, glancing away from her, like he had before. He became like a shy boy attempting to ask out a long-time crush. Maybe he was.

She encouraged him with a smile to be more straightforward.

“After a workout the sauna is a good place to hang out and relax. I’m heading there if you want to come too.”

“Come with you?” She let the innuendo linger. “Do we go to the men’s or the women’s sauna?”

He was bowled over by her quick yes. He must not have thought this woman would go for his suggestion. Seeing a willing woman, he became more outgoing, strong, confident.

“I think the men’s sauna is more keen to allowing in the opposite sex.”

Standing and patting off her chest and neck with the towel, she leaned closer to him and let her breasts brush up against him. “I like how you said that word.”


“No. How you said ‘sex.’”

If they were in a boxing ring, Charlotte would have knocked him to his knees in the first round.

“Brad,” she spoke slowly and doused her question with keen interest. “What do you want to do in the sauna?”

“Let’s see what happens.”

To her surprise, his response showed a measured repose. He was not some horny, young dude who’d fuck any girl that came along. He was willing to play and play hard for her.

He led her from the workout gym, passed the rock-climbing wall and into the men’s locker room. It was empty.

Charlotte had been slower than Brad in getting ready for the sauna. Biding her time to get a sense of what Brad had in mind. He was going to have to lead the way. At a locker, he slid his shirt over his head and glanced over his shoulder before he let his shorts drop to the floor. “You going in the sauna like that?” he asked.

Without responding she took off her shirt and pulled down her shorts, standing there in a tight sports bra and underwear. Equaling what he had shed.

He tossed her a folded towel. “You might need this.”

“For what?”

“In case you want a little covering.”

“You think I’m shy,” she challenged.

“You were slow in undressing. I wanted to make sure you’re comfortable.” 

“I am comfortable—perfectly comfortable. I’m trying to figure out what I’m up against, who I’m dealing with.”

He smirked. He took down his jockeys and, this time, surprised Charlotte. She could not conceal her thoughts. She stared like he had stared at her when he had unexpectedly walked in on her topless.

She breathed but would not give him more leverage in their sexual dual than necessary. She merely said, “Nice tight butt.”

Without a towel, he stepped to the sauna door. “It’ll be in here. I’ll be in here. Whichever one you want.”

“You’re so sure about my wanting something?”

He raised his eyebrows confidently. “Try to say no, Charlotte, just try.”

That taunt steamed her up. If he hadn’t been so damn cute and flirtatious, she would have walked out in pure spite. But it was him. No, it was his desire to pursue and capture and, once captured, take for his own. He had hunted her down since she first came to the gym, caught her tonight by playing calm, cool, and then proving himself powerful. And a nice-sized dick hung from the front of him. He was likely a go-hard, go-long young man. Everything was waiting for her in that hot, hot room.

She peeled off the sweaty bra. Released, she massaged her heavy tits after they had been packed too tight in the unbreathable fabric. She lifted them and squeezed. She tweaked her nipples, which had been crushed uncomfortably when they hardened during her workout with Brad.

Charlotte shimmied her sports underwear over her thighs and down to her ankles. While doing so, the locker room door creaked open and an old man with a round belly walked around the corner.

“Oh my!” he exclaimed. “I’m sorry I didn’t …” He scooted out the same door he came through.

She turned back, smiling

Naked and a towel in hand, she walked into the sauna to see Brad, soaking in the heat. The white knit towel covered only his waist.

As the door closed, he stood and stepped forward, pinned her against the wooden wall and kissed her. He nibbled on her earlobe, tugging on it. He kissed the base of her neck. His hands cupped her butt, moved over her hips, passed her waist, to cup her tits. He massaged them and kneaded them. He lifted her breasts like they were precious. She put her head against the wall and let him move across her body, lightening their weight from her back. Her hands could not remain still for long. She dragged her fingernails over his shoulders, down his back, and burrowed them into his fleshy ass. He hissed in the sharp pain. She released her grip and scratched her way to his erection, then grabbed its length.

“Glad I made it.” Then she whispered to him, “You’re a young man, I expect a lot from you. Listen, this isn’t love-making. I want a fuck, long and hard.”

He sat on the bench and guided her over his lap. She braced herself as she let the tip of his cock rub her thighs and touch her outer pussy. She ah’ed when its head touched her intimate lips, spread them and entered in. The pleasure emanated around her lower body and spun her mind to where nothing else mattered. She bobbed slowly up and down, letting Brad’s dick rush deep inside her narrow passage. His hands locked onto her waist to keep her steady. She felt his reactions to her pussy when his hands dug deep into her flesh. Along with his grip, he rocked into her in pure pleasure. He pumped into her, fast, without breaking.

Charlotte pulled off of him. Before he could catch his breath from the sex and the heat, she sat on his cock facing him. She fed him her breasts.

“You’ve loved these tits for a long time, haven’t you?” she asked. “Dreamed of them, wanted your hands on them, wanted them in your mouth.”

He tried to respond but her large boob popped into his mouth. He sucked and cherished those tits. He tugged the breast with his teeth and suctioned it with his lips and then let her tit fall out. He lapped her nipple, circled around it and flicked it with his tongue. He massaged them, kneaded them until Charlotte had to stop him.

“I’ve wanted you since the day I walked in on you,” he finally admitted.

“Your little girlfriend didn’t have enough to satisfy?”

“Ha! She was a little girl compared to you.” She fed him her other breast and made him balance out the play and sucking. He bit again and kneaded the heavy tit. She lavished his mouth.

The sex wasn’t the only reason her head began to spin. The heat. Charlotte climbed off him and led him from the sauna and into the showers. She turned on the hot water. The water ran down their bodies. She put her hands on the wall, blocking him against the tiles. She leaned forward. “How is this woman compared to the other girls you’ve had?”

He kissed her hard. He ran his hands down her back and grabbed her ass. “Nothing’s as good. You know what to do.”

She smiled. She aimed her ass at him and backed up into his stiff dick.

She looked over her shoulder, into his eyes. “Fuck me, hard and fast.” She spread her ass cheeks wide, stretching them apart. Brad grabbed her and slid his cock inside of her pussy again. Charlotte felt the rod ram into her and rush in and out, slapping against her butt and the water splashing on the tile floor in their rhythm.

Charlotte slapped the white tiled wall. She flung her head back, water flicking off her hair, as she enjoyed his dick deep inside. She reached back to put her hand on him. Brad grunted and rammed her harder and faster. More water splashing and splattering everywhere. Her wet hair whipping them.

She saw his teeth clench. “Come on, boy, finish it! Give it to me!” She nearly growled.

He sped up, going erratically. His body jolted. He paused as he filled her with his load of cum. He slowed and eased himself out of her. She rested against the cool walls, and he leaned forward, catching his breath.

She bowed her head under the water spraying from the shower head. “I needed that. Glad we hooked up tonight.”

Brad struggled to talk, following his explosion. “Me too” is all he could muster.

Later, Charlotte came home, entering through the garage.

“Good night at the gym?” Charlotte’s roommate asked.

“Better than usual. I lifted more weight than before.”

“Glad things are going well. You’re looking better. Even a little less stressed. Keep it up.”

Charlotte flung her gym bag over her shoulder. “I am keeping it up, trust me, I am.”