wild sex fantasies from everyday people

Wild Sex Fantasies From Everyday People

Do you have a vivid imagination? Or in the words of the great Rihanna “Wild, wild thoughts”?

You’re not alone.

wild sex fantasies from everyday people

Sexual fantasies are completely normal. They’re the merging of the subconscious world of desire, your libido, and your imagination. 

You may have sexual fantasies that you have no intention of ever bringing to fruition, but like to entertain them just for funsies. 

Imagination is an incredible part of being human, and it’s only natural that your sexual desires trickle into it from time to time.

You might be well aware of the inner workings of your fantasies, but have you ever thought about what’s going on in someone else’s mind?

Well, here’s your chance to find out.

We asked everyday people from all different walks of life and demographics what their wild fantasies are. 

Let’s dive in and find out what they said!

The Sensual Sunrise

“I’m a nature buff. I love to be out there, with nothing around me for miles and miles (except maybe my partner).

This is where I feel most at peace and the most present in my body. 

It’s also my favorite place to have sex.

There’s an exhibitionist element to it, but it also just feels right. Out there, in our zone, without the distractions and high energy of city living. While I’ve had plenty of nature sex in my day, I’ve had this reoccurring fantasy that I just haven’t been able to make happen – yet.

Picture this: 

I’ve been cozied up to my lover all night after a long day of exploring. We wake up just before dawn and decide to start the day by greeting the sun in a new way.

I’m not sure where our tent is in this fantasy because we’re just laying on the ground on a nest of blankets. We’re on the edge of a cliff overlooking some beautiful valley facing east. The sun is coming up and I’m…also coming.

Thanks to my lover who’s eating me out while I get a glorious view of the sunrise. They miss it, but I think they’re plenty pleased with his view. 

As the Sun’s emergence paints the sky with brilliant oranges, reds, and purples, I get filled up and spill out with an intense nature-fueled orgasm.

What a way to start the day.” 

-T, 28

Zoom, Vroom

“I didn’t realize this was a fantasy of mine until it came to me in my dream. 

There’s this executive at my work that I’ve only worked with via Zoom. Although I guess that’s the norm these days!

Anywho, this exec somehow made such an impression on me that I had a full-on sex fantasy dream with him as my leading co-star!

I won’t get too into the specifics, but let’s just say it was HOT!

At the same time, it was also a little disturbing because I was distracted and embarrassed when I had to email him about work.

That fantasy was nice, but it’s going to stay in my dreams!”

-N, 34

Double Trouble

“I’m a (mostly) straight cis-woman. I’ve kissed a few women and even had a threesome – it wasn’t for me.

Yet the fantasy that keeps popping up in my head is very vulva-centric, and one that makes me feel incredibly hot and bothered. 

It involves me, another woman or person with a vagina, and a double-headed dildo.

You can take it from here.

I don’t know if this is something I’d ever actually try, but it’s really fun to entertain in my mind!”

-P, 24

Super Soaker

“Don’t believe in squirting

Well, I’ll tell you right here and now that it’s 100% a thing. Not only can I gush buckets, but I have a little fantasy that involves LOTS of it.

I realized that one of the easiest ways for me to squirt is to watch other people do it on porn. Naturally, this has turned into a little dream of mine.

While most of what’s out there in the squirting porn world is *enhanced* or not real, I would love to re-enact something similar. 

Towels down, laying out with a fellow squirter and mutually soaking each other.

That’s it. That’s my fantasy. I gotta go now!”

-L, 36

Role Reversal

“This fantasy I will absolutely make into a reality one day, I just need to find a willing partner.

It might not be that out there, but as someone who’s not usually the most adventurous sexually, it certainly is for me!

I would love to peg a male partner.

I fantasize about seeing them in that state of surrender and pure bliss, and I love the idea of being the one steering the ship.” 

-K, 32

Period Piece

“I absolutely love period pieces. Books, movies, shows, you name it, I’m there for it.

One of my latest time-traveling endeavors was watching the show “Vikings”.

I’d never been turned on by a fight scene before until watching this show!

I like to fantasize about the exhaustion after a long day of farming, hunting, mending, or whatever else first century me was doing.

Then my lover comes home, with the natural musk of life back then, and ravages me by candlelight. 

This usually takes place in front of the hearth, but sometimes it’s in a blacksmith’s workshop.

It might be cliche, but hey – it works for me!”

-A, 30

The Most Important Meal of the Day

“You might be able to guess this about me within the next few sentences, but I’m a total foodie.

Sex and food feel like the perfect combination of my favorite earthly delights. 

My fantasy is to make someone a delicious, super syrupy breakfast and then – have them eat it off me. 

I don’t mind the mess, I love it actually!”

-H, 27

Lapping in Luxury

“I’m very into playing with power dynamics in my sex life, and through kink.

One of my fantasies is to pay a few people to be my “servants” for the day so that I can feel like the boss b*$!h that I am.

These servants will feed me, massage me, let me boss them around, and let me live out my luxurious fantasy.

Obviously, this would be done with enthusiastic consent, but something about the exchange of money makes me feel even more in control.”

-W, 27 

What’s Your Fantasy?

There you have it, a round-up of wild fantasies from regular folks.

We’d love to hear how this inspired you.

Care to share a wild fantasy of yours? Let us know by leaving a comment!