Bottoms Up! Which First Date Drinks to Order and to Avoid

When we think of classically sexy drinks, most of us think of fine red wines or a Manhattan, but what are the drinks that can actually help or hurt your sex on date night?


Good Libations

1)      La Vie En Rouge

You’re off to a good start with the sexy name, but this holiday cocktail also adds a benefit to your libido. It brings together the aromatic herb rosemary, Grand Marnier and cranberry juice, which we already know is a fantastic source of antioxidants, but it also Vitamin C which helps synthesize sex hormones.

The-GBC-Gin-Basil-Cucumber-32)      Basil Gin Fizz

Not just for pesto anymore, basil adds a strong punch to any cocktail, as well as a ton of libido-lifting vitamins and minerals. It’s an excellent source of Vitamin A, which is needed for sex-hormone production, and magnesium which regulates estrogen production and lessens anxiety. It also happens to taste fantastic, and the sexy tingle of soda water in your mouth doesn’t hurt.

3)      Dark’n’Stormy

There’s much debate about whether or not the Moscow Mule has been played out (many bartenders seem to think it is), so thank goodness for old favorites like the Dark’n’Stormy. This classic from Bermuda mixes dark rum (Gosling’s, ideally) with the spicy kick of ginger beer. Extra points if the bar makes its own fresh ginger beer; ginger contains potassium and vitamin B-6 as well as manganese which gives a boost of testosterone to your sex drive.

Bourbon-Rickey4)      Rickey

While usually made with gin or bourbon, the Rickey can essentially be made with anything; the crucial element is the addition of half a squeezed lime. The burst of citrus (containing Vitamin C, of course) has shown to make your body odor naturally fresher. It’s kept light with soda water and no or little added sugar, which is good for those prone to hangovers.

5)      Beer

OkCupid statistics show that those who say they enjoy beer are 60% more likely to have sex on the first date (even if they don’t imbibe on the actual date!)

Beer-Tasting-WaucondaThere’s no need to order a beer if you don’t like it much, but there a lot of different types out there. If you’re at a venue that has an extensive beer list, it can be fun to try some new brews. To keep in mind, beers with citrus notes are generally quite safe, but some Belgian fruit beers you may find too sweet to enjoy for a whole pint. Darker beers tend to have higher percentage of alcohol (the ABV is often listed) but don’t shy from trying one! Many may be described as having notes of chocolate or coffee.

In Bad Taste

1)     Harvey Wallbanger

Where do we start? This drink has a dreadful name, and the addition of Galliano and a  maraschino cherry makes for over-the-top sweetness. As an added negative, the orange juice may increase your melatonin levels, causing you to nod off more easily.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2)      Dirty Martinis

Sophisticated? Definitely. Delicious? Absolutely. However, olive breath is not an ideal on a date.

3)       Vodka Red Bull

Maybe you and your date are planning (or hoping for) a late night. Before you opt for this clubbing standby, remember that excessive caffeine has been shown to decrease libido.

4)        Bloody Mary

We love Bloody Marys as much as the next person, but we (grudgingly) realize there is a time and a place for them. Typically reserved for brunch or the early afternoon, this drink fills you up quickly when eaten with a meal, but is strong enough that you don’t want to be drinking it on an empty stomach.

5)        Anything with an umbrellahang er

Whether you agree with the popular stigma surrounding overly-fruity cocktails such as Piña Coladas and Sex on the Beach or not, they are not usually your friend on the first date. Many of these drinks are heavily sweetened and mask the taste of the alcohol, which may be the basis of their appeal to many, but can lead to accidental over-drinking and one heck of a hangover.

 But Don’t Forget…

Enjoying a cocktail can certainly smooth over first date awkwardness (so can conversations about favorite cocktails, as we found out!) but it certainly isn’t a requirement. If you’re opting not to drink, or looking to cleanse your palate, sparkling water with twist of lime is the sophisticated choice.

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