different fun sex positions

Different Sex Positions & Fun Sex Positions to Turn Up the Bedroom Heat

Approaching a lackluster love life happens, but it doesn’t mean it has to happen. If you’re finding yourself uninspired in the bedroom, test out these fun sex positions. They each provide a different twist on positions you may already be doing, which can open your eyes to experimenting for more pleasure.

The Joyride

joyride sex position

How: What makes the Joyride a different? Essentially, it’s reverse cowgirl but with the bottom partner’s knees up. This simple change can work wonders for the top partner, especially since a large majority of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. This fun sex position provides a lot of stability for both partners so that nobody starts cramping or losing feeling (we’ve all been there). There’s also something powerful behind women-on-top positions. If your intimacy is becoming stagnant, changing up the dynamic can open your sex up to new possibilities. This could happen through a physical change, like who’s on top, or a power exchange through something like roleplay fantasies.

The Pound Town

pound town sex position

How: The Pound Town may take some finesse from the top partner but provides for deep vaginal or anal penetration. This fun sex position could also be used in BDSM play since the top partner can *consensually* hold his partner down. All this position requires is for the bottom partner to lay face down with their bottom in the air while the top partner squats into entry and props themselves up against their partners back.

The Freed Speech

freed speech sex position

How: Sex isn’t limited to penetration! In fact, non-penetrative sex and foreplay can be more pleasurable for those who need a combination of stimulation or commonly experience vaginismus. The Freed Speech position requires one partner to stand while the other sits below and gives oral. Did you know that masturbation or receiving pleasure from a partner while standing increases blood flow to the genitals which can increase stimulation? It’s worth trying.


ymca sex position

How: “Young man, there’s no need to feel down. I said, young man, lift your partners legs off the ground!” The YMCA hits all the sweet spots. This different sex position is dedicated to combination orgasms. The bottom partner lies on their back with their legs up against their partner’s chest, while the top partner penetrates while sitting on his knees. But what makes this fun is that the top partner is stable enough to have his hands free to explore their partners erogenous zones or stimulate their clit while penetration occurs.

45 Degrees of Separation

45 degrees separation sex position

How: 45 Degrees of Separation is another fun sex position dedicated to simultaneous stimulation, but with the bottom partner free to touch themselves while the top partner holds their legs open. Not only does this offer them support to invest their energy elsewhere, it also gives them a front-row view. Is there anything hotter than watching your partner enjoy exploring their own body? We should always seek to develop new sexual skills, so take it as a learning opportinity.