fire fetish

Light Up Your Sex Life… Literally

Bringing some actual fire into your bedroom can really turn up the heat between the sheets.

And yup, after reading what I just wrote, I know this text is going to require a serious safety disclaimer. But brace yourself – we are seriously going to discuss including open flames into your sex life.

fire fetish

Fire is Sexy

There is a reason we call sexy things hot – fire is sexy and it appeals to our primal instincts. We don’t know who lit the first fire, but I am absolutely certain that the fire-nerd instantly became the most popular person in that cave. So, let’s check some ways to (safely) merge sex and flames.


Everything from dimness and flickering to the perfect natural color of candlelight just screams “sex”. Light the room with candles for the unique romantic atmosphere. I’ve always found the very act of lighting candles and preparing the setting in anticipation of sex quite powerful and exciting.

There are things you should consider though – find safe spots for candles that are clear of other objects, and use only stable surfaces and candle holders. Also, take into consideration that candles made of synthetic materials like paraffin present a significant source of indoor pollution, so preferably use real beeswax, keep your room properly ventilated and maybe even consider using an air-purifier.

Playing with Hot Wax

Applying hot wax from a burning candle directly to skin is not for everybody, but if you like your pleasure spiked with some (minor) pain, you will discover it is just unbelievably hot (please, admire my pun). Temperature play requires proper trust and good communication between partners (I do recommend those in general) but once you get it right, it is just incredibly sensual. For the most exciting effect, blindfold your partner before using wax on them, and try applying the hot wax intermittently with some ice. The hot-cold combo will overcharge the senses just the right way.

Sex In Front of A Fireplace

Many, if not most, religious rituals use the power of fire in some form to charge up the rite, and open flames can charge sex the same way. If you have a fireplace at home or you rent a holiday home or a cabin with one, light a fire, turn the other lights off and try making love in front of that special altar of subdued fire. Everything from light and heat to the sound of crackling wood adds something to the proper mood but, just like with candlelights, a room requires decent airflow to prevent accumulation of undesirable gases.

Sex Next To an Open Fire

Sex next to a campfire is the ultimate fire-experience for a number of reasons. It combines two awesome natural turn-ons; sex by fire and sex under the open sky, but also adds the exposure to natural surroundings and its sensual elements like the feeling of breeze and possibly ambient cold on your skin.

The idea that you might be exposed to the sight of others can also be quite exciting. And last, but not least, for the vast majority of us, it is so removed from our everyday context that it just feels unbelievably exciting. So, if and when you get a chance to experience it, do not miss the opportunity.

An Actual Safety Disclaimer

For real, I wasn’t kidding, please read this short disclaimer. Even though we always assume the best about our readers, and direct our texts towards a sensible and mature adult audience, it is easy to get playful and forget how dangerous open flames can be. So we urge you to always prioritize your safety over pure fun (luckily, you can have both), and determine the flammability of each item that might come into contact with flames, as well as think about the proper ways to put out a fire in your surroundings prior to using open flames.