Male Erogenous Zones

His Hot Spots: Erogenous Zones for Men

Erogenous zones for men

In a surprising twist to what the popular knowledge would have you believe – the penis is not the only erogenous zone on a man. While he’d like to think that it’s his biggest sex organ, the male form is covered with hot spots that, when stimulated, will drive him wild.

The next time you’re getting touchy-feely with a guy, try giving these often overlooked spots a little tickle and enjoy his toe-curling reaction.

Erogenous Zones for Men

His E-spot

We’re talking about his ears, but here we’re referring to them as the E-spot to give the guys some (insert letter)-spots that can be attributed to them. You’re welcome, fellas.

The choice bit of the ear to focus on would be the outer ridge, where the firm cartilage can be nibbled lightly between kisses. Trace it with the tip of your nose and follow up that sensation with a hot. Wet swipe from your tongue. Add in some heavy breathing and he’ll be weak in the knees in no time.

His Cheek-spots

We’re not talking about the ones on his face (either way, they’ve got dimples).
Many men put a lot of focus on their partners’ butt cheeks, whether it’s grabbing, stroking or spanking with an open palm or a sensual flogger, but now, it’s time to give back some of this butt worship.

While he lies on his stomach, very lightly tickle the surface of his skin with the tips of your fingernails or a feather teaser. Then, have him relax his glutes (no flex zone!) as you knead your fists deep into the muscly tissue of his cheeks.

For a lot of guys, their butt isn’t usually a focus during intimacy so this focus will perhaps be an all new kind of excitement and will help you gauge his response to the next erogenous zone on our list…

The Scrotal Raphe-spot

The scrotal raphe – ever heard of it? Well this author is just learning about it as well – one of those things you know exists, but didn’t have a name for. The scrotal raphe is the seam that runs down the center of his scrotum, between his balls. When you run over this seam with your tongue, it feels amazing. Cool tip (or a hot tip, in this case); sip on some hot tea, then run your very warm tongue over this scrotal seam; then expect a warm reaction.

The P-spot

The P-spot is his prostate, and when his prostate is massaged just right, he’ll experience an explosive orgasm that he never, ever thought was possible.

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that you can massage with your fingertip or a prostate massager while also stimulating his penis.

The most effective path to the prostate is through his anus; with a well-lubricated finger, apply pressure to the front wall of his colon, about 2 inches in, with light swirls and taps with your fingertips. Helpful tip: cut your nails first!

The alternate way of massaging his prostate without penetrating his anus is when you’re stimulating his penis during oral sex orally or while giving him a hand job, position yourself so that you have two fingertips placed over his perineum – the area between his scrotum and anus. As he approaches climax, apply pressure to this spot to indirectly massage his prostate.

The T-spot

Not only does it separate us from the rest of the Animal Kingdom, the thumb is also home to countless nerve endings that can be stimulated to sensual effect. The skin of your thumb is much firmer than the rest of your fingers; roll your tongue gently around his thumb and expect him to react rapturously.

The N-spot

Male nipples need love too! There is so much fun you can have with nipples, so stimulate his just like you’d want yours to be teased – give them a pinch, a nibble, or a few swipes of the tip on your tongue. It may not even occur to him, but his nips are a great source of teasing pleasure that shouldn’t be overlooked.

His F-spot

Here’s one you may never have heard of. Imagine, if you will, a penis – now, think of the underside of it. You know that thin band of skin that connects the head with the shaft? That’s called the frenulum, and it’s actually full of nerve connections that are very sensitive to the right kind of touch.

While you’re giving him a blowjob, stroke his shaft while keeping your elbow up so that your fingertips are sliding over the underside of his penis. When you move your hands up and down the length of his shaft in tandem with the movements of your mouth, you’ll also be stroking his frenulum and sending him into a sensual frenzy at the same time.

And the other P-spot

This may come as no surprise and it is certainly not unexpected, but you cannot overlook the penis when it comes to erogenous pleasures. But when it comes to providing his peen with peak pleasure, maybe even he can learn something new.

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