Is it healthy to masturbate

Is it Healthy to Masturbate?

Hi everyone, Dr. Zhana here! Let’s answer some questions! To start off with, “Is it healthy to masturbate?” The answer is: absolutely yes! There are so many benefits to masturbation and virtually no downsides! So go ahead and explore!

Is it healthy to masturbate

Dildo or vibrator?

That depends on what kind of stimulation you’re going for. If you just want something to penetrate you or your partner in and out, vaginally, orally, or anally, go for a dildo. If you want something that also vibrates, while it penetrates or while it doesn’t, go with a vibrator. 

How can too many orgasms affect a man? How can too many orgasms affect a woman?

Too many orgasms can lead to physical exhaustion, a strong urge to go to sleep, a strong urge to cuddle with your partner and a fair amount of satiation with sex for a while. So not wanting to or not being able to have sex for a little while is normal.

What is a sapiosexual?

A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to intelligence or intellectual connections with their partners. For some people, it’s the primary or only characteristic that they care about in partners and for a lot of people, it’s one of the many things that attract them to people.

Is anal sex pleasureable for women?

Absolutely! Anal sex can feel potentially good to anyone with a butt because we all have lots of nerve ending there that feel good when stimulated. You might also want to use something to stimulate the clit or penis at the same time for additional pleasure.

Why can’t I reach an orgasm with different partners but I can by myself?

This is a very common experience especially for women. It’s most likely due to your partner not providing the kind of stimulation that you need in order to orgasm or you’re not feeling completely comfortable or relaxed in the situation and there’s a lot of pressure on you to orgasm.

Anal play? Best way to practice?

Go really slow, as slow as the receptive partner needs or wants. Start by using an object, like your fingers or a butt plug, that is smaller than the penis or dildo you’re eventually going to put in. And use lots of lube — too much lube is not enough!

Tell us about Sona 2

The Sona 2, has a wider and deeper opening/mouth so that it fits a greater diversity of genital anatomies. It’s also quieter because the motor has been moved down lower in the device.

Is it possible the pelvic floor is too weak or strong to orgasm?

Yes! A weak pelvic floor in particular is often a factor in difficulty with orgasming. That goes for people with vaginas and people with penises. So do your kegels!