sex and cbd oil

Go Deep: Intense Sensations Beyond The G-Spot

You’ve heard of the G-Spot, but how about the C-Spot, A-Spot and O-Spot? Let’s dive a little deeper into these erogenous zones, and learn more about how to unlock the intense pleasure they can provide. 

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sex and cbd oil

Why the Deep Spots Are a Big Deal 

The groundbreaking 1974 Hite Report on women’s sexuality found that only 30% of American women were able to orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Interestingly, when Shere Hite repeated her study in the year 2000, the numbers remained the same. 

However, in 1985 a different study found that 89% of the participants were able to reach orgasm from vaginal penetration without any other stimulation. What were these women doing differently? Their orgasms were triggered by touching sensitive areas of the vagina known as the A-Spot and the O-Spot, which are located on either side of the cervix. Together with the cervix, or C-Spot, these pleasure zones are known as the Deep Spots. 

Are Deep Spot Orgasms Different to Clitoral Ones? 

Scientists have debated for many years whether orgasms triggered by stimulation in different areas (such as a clitoral orgasm versus a vaginal orgasm) are in fact fundamentally different. There is still no scientific consensus, suggesting that more research needs to be done. In the meantime, why not conduct your own experiments and draw your own conclusions? 

Before You Try These Deep Spot Techniques:

Deep penetration can sometimes be painful or uncomfortable, so we recommend you start off slowly and gently. Use lubricant if needed, and allow yourself time to get aroused first before you begin to explore the Deep Spots. 

While Deep Spot stimulation can lead to orgasm for some people, many find that it’s the combination of this together with clitoral stimulation that really hits the spot. Experiment and see what feels best for you! 

As with anything, some people love Deep Spot stimulation while others don’t. If one of these techniques doesn’t feel pleasurable to you, simply move on to the next exercise. 

The A-Spot 

In his influential 1997 study of 271 women, Dr Chee Ann Chua found that 39.1% of participants reached orgasm almost immediately following A-spot stimulation — without any external stimulation of the clitoris. Two-thirds of the women reported increased arousal and vaginal lubrication after 10 to 15 minutes of A-Spot stimulation. 

How to find your A-Spot 

The A-Spot is located in the front wall of the vagina under the bladder. It’s on the same side as the G-Spot, but a little deeper, usually around 10-15 cms from the vaginal opening, and around 2-3 cms away from the cervix. 

If you feel a bumpy texture, that’s your G-Spot. Try going about 5cm deeper to reach the A-Spot, it should feel similar in texture to the rest of the vaginal canal. 

Finding the A-Spot may be easier if you are already aroused. The A-Spot and O-Spot are located in crevices on either side of the cervix. During the sexual arousal phase, these crevices open up, making the A and O-Spots more accessible. 

How To Stimulate Your A-Spot 

Lie on your back and insert one or two lubricated fingers as far as possible into your vagina, with the palm of your hand facing up. Now make a “come here” motion so that your fingers simultaneously curl upward against the front wall of your vagina — the side closer to your belly button. 

Usually light, gentle strokes are all that’s needed to stimulate the A-Spot. Stay in contact with the vaginal wall and aim for a movement similar to massaging your temples with your fingers. Experiment with side-to-side motions, as well as up and down. 

Can’t reach this spot with your fingers? Try using a narrow dildo, vibrator or G-Spot toy with a curved end. Use the same gentle massaging motions: forward and back, or side to side, and experiment by varying the pressure and speed of movement. 

If you notice a feeling of pressure or sensitivity, and your vagina getting wetter and wetter — it sounds like you’ve found your A-Spot! 

But don’t worry if you don’t feel anything special in this area. While some people find the A-Spot magical, others don’t feel anything, or are not particularly excited by these sensations. But don’t give up straight away — Dr. Chua found that some women simply need a fair amount of practise before this area becomes erotically sensitised. 

The Cervix Or C-Spot 

The cervix is the donut-shaped neck of the uterus, located at the end of the vagina. Many people find even a light touching of the cervix uncomfortable, but for some this is an orgasmic spot. Case in point: a study of women who were paralysed on one side of the body found that those without feeling in their clitoris could still orgasm from cervical stimulation alone.

Period Sex and the C-Spot 

In the days just before, during, and just after menstruation the cervix is closer to the vaginal entrance, easier to reach, and more sensitive, while during ovulation it is further from the vaginal entrance and less sensitive. This means that certain deep penetration sex positions such as “from behind” or “woman on top” might feel different at different times of your cycle. 

How to Stimulate Your C-Spot 

For the best results, touch the cervix only when you are already very aroused. Wash your hands thoroughly and insert your longest finger carefully into your vagina. You might want to use some lubricant to make this easier. Feel for a round, raised circle with a dimple in the middle — the cervix feels like a donut, with a texture similar to the end of your nose. 

Lie on your back and raise your knees to your chest to allow easier access to the cervix. Now insert a sex toy such as a dildo or vibrator, slowly into your vagina until it reaches all the way in and touches your cervix. Keep the toy deep inside, apply gentle but firm pressure, and make slow circular motions with the end of the toy. 

The O-Spot 

The O-Spot is found between the back vaginal wall and the rectum, and can be stimulated by deep vaginal penetration, or by deep anal penetration. 

In one Turkish study, 8% of participants reported a sensitive area in this part of the vagina (7). 

How to Stimulate Your O-Spot 

It may be easier to find your O-Spot if you are already aroused. This spot can be difficult to reach alone, so we recommend trying this technique with a partner. 

Lie on your belly and ask your partner to insert one or two fingers as far as possible into your vagina, with the palm of their hand facing up. Now have your partner make a “come here” motion so that their fingers simultaneously curl upward against the wall of your vagina (toward your back). 

For the best results, your partner should keep their fingers in constant contact with your back vaginal wall, and gently massage this area using a circular motion. Tell them how it feels, and see if together you can find that sweet spot! 

3 Things to keep in mind when trying Deep Spot stimulation 

  1. Pushing on any of the Deep Spots while stimulating the clitoris at the same time can be highly pleasurable!
  2. With all of these techniques, experiment with the pressure, speed, and direction of stimulation (side-to-side, circular, clockwise, counterclockwise). You might want to try using different toys, and see if it makes a difference when they are slightly warmed or cooled. You also might want to test out a thick dildo to open up the entire vagina and stimulate the cervix, A-Spot and O-Spot simultaneously. 
  3. Don’t worry if you can’t locate one of the particular Deep Spots, or any of them! The goal here is simply to try different things, and find out what feels good for you. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have a label for the exact places you like to be touched. 

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