how to use hugo

How to Use HUGO to Open New Realms of Pleasure

Imagine seeing the world only in black and white 2D perspective all your life and then, all of a sudden, opening your eyes to a colorful 3D vision. Basically, that’s what it feels like to incorporate a quality prostate massaging toy in your regular sex act. And if this text manages to convince you to try one out, I dare you to find one with a finer design than HUGO.

how to use hugo

The best thing about it is that it is just incredibly anatomically well thought through, not only that it will unmistakably hit the right spot inside of your body, but it will also stimulate an often overlooked spot on your perineum that is, for a good reason, referred to as the million-dollar-spot by taoist sexologists.

Open Your Mind And Your Butt Will Follow

A significant advantage of HUGO’s elegant design for straight men like myself is that it truly looks body-friendly without any phallic elements. Because, in all honesty, a significant number of us just can’t shake off the irrational reluctance to shove dicklike objects up our butts, even though we are missing out on a huge aspect of our sexual potential on top of some possible health benefits.

I’ve also noticed that many guys I discussed this with often see sex toys as something to either be used exclusively in masturbation or on the female body. However, when it comes to your HUGO, you should, and I cannot stress this enough, try to use it in partnered sex.

The Issue Of When

To get the max out of this toy, you’ll need to understand one simple rule – prostate play benefits from preparation. It is way more pleasurable to initiate any stimulation of that kind after your penis has gotten a sufficient level of attention from either your partner or, in case of a solo act, from the owner himself. Some foreplay and proper arousal that come along with it make all the difference between the immense sexual pleasure and the urge to perform a bowel movement.  

Don’t Be Selfish with the Remote

HUGO is slick, simple, comfortable and waterproof, as well as rechargeable, on top of the fact that it comes with a remote. Being somewhat old-fashioned, it took me some time to understand the advantage of it being remotely operated, but once I did, I realized it is a great asset. Because, unlike your TV, this is one remotely operated device you’ll want other people to control. You can operate it from a distance of around 12 meters (40 feet) which, I am sure, opens a world of possibilities for people who are invested in covert public teasing.

Sex the Like of Which You’ve Never Experienced

However you choose to use your HUGO, you can expect stronger erections, increased secretion of precum and way more intense orgasms that significantly expand the focal point of your pleasure from just penis to the core of your body and beyond. 

But for me, without a doubt, the real magic of this toy happens when you give the remote control to your partner while you are on top in a penetrative sex pose. Having your partner in control of the mode and intensity will create strong feedback loops of sexual ecstasy for both partners, but is definitely useful if you both try out different modes of operation beforehand so that you have a clear idea what you like once you get down to business (I recommend the one with a slow rhythmic build-up of vibrations).

Prostate massage and pressure on your perineal area have a multiplying effect on your pleasure, so your partner will not only get to enjoy the sight of it, but also your much firmer erection, and will get to tease you and return pleasure in a completely novel way. Prepare for a completely overwhelming sensation the first time you use it, but once the two of you get in sync and achieve a slower controllable build-up into an orgasm, the climax will feel like an out-of-body experience.