orgasm day ziggy sila

This Intimina X LELO Combo is *Chef’s Kiss* for Orgasm Day

Orgasms are good for you. Period. And we’re not just talking about pain relief. 

orgasm day ziggy sila

Orgasms come with massive benefits, and while period sex might not be for everyone, don’t diss it ‘till you’ve tried it with Ziggy Cup.

To warm yourself to the idea of getting freaky during your period, try masturbating. Your vulva will likely be more sensitive than usual so opt for a softer, gentler toy like SILA, a clitoral massager designed specifically for a gradual climax.

While your sex drive might be through the roof while menstruating, remember to start slow and ride the soft waves that will surge from your clitoris to your wildest fantasies. If you want to ride those waves, take advantage of the free gift you receive when you purchase SILA—the Ziggy Cup

What Does Period Sex Feel Like?

It’s like regular sex (shocker), except more lubricated. The lubrication, of course, comes from blood and can make things more pleasurable and smooth for all partners involved. If the mess bothers you, you can always insert a sex-friendly menstrual cup like Ziggy, which is flat, petal-thin, and sits closer to the cervix, leaving plenty of room for penetration.

Increased sensitivity to the vulva can be a great thing for pleasure, but make sure to keep that in mind if using a sex toy. What normally makes you orgasm may be a bit much during this time of the month. This is a great opportunity to explore the slower side of pleasure, because slow and steady still wins the orgasm race, and it can be explosive.

Sex toys that focus on external, clitoral stimulation pair best with menstrual cups. Plus, most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone (an overwhelming majority, actually). 

What Exactly Happens During an Orgasm?

Understanding what happens to your body physically when you climax and orgasm is key to making it happen more often. For example, did you know that less than 25% of women can orgasm from penetration alone? 

Arousal is what sets off the journey to orgasm, and for most women, it takes about 20 minutes to get there. As your arousal grows, your heart race increases and blood flows to your genitals, similarly to how penises become erect and harder before ejaculation. 

As you become more comfortable, the vagina secretes fluid to make you wetter. Some women produce more than others, but lube is a friend to anyone, especially if having sex with a menstrual cup in. 

When the orgasm occurs, it releases a huge tension that can be felt with the entirety of your body and leaves your pelvis pulsating (known as myotonia). It’s a combination of your uterus, vagina, anus, and pelvic floor contracting all at once. No wonder they feel so rewarding. 

The duration and intensity of orgasms can vary, which is why it’s worth exploring different types of orgasms. Most orgasms range between 1 and 12 contractions, pulsating at about a second each. 

Your brain also releases the love hormone oxytocin and natural pain-killing hormone dopamine which can combat unwelcomed period cramps and pains. Another hormone that’s released is prolactin, which helps aid better sleep.

And if you’re someone who generally feels groggier during your period, the endorphins released during sex can help maintain your energy.

How To Initiate Period Sex

  1. Your cervix may sit lower during your period, so explore penetrative solo-sex to see if everything feels pleasurable.
  2. Have a conversation with your partner, reminding them that period sex isn’t actually a big deal. There are a lot of bodily fluids we experience during sex, why should this one be any more shocking?
  3. If no one has problems with blood, lay down a towel or have fun in the shower. Just remember, water actually makes you less lubricated, so don’t stand directly under it. Take advantage of the extra lubrication! If you’d rather keep your sheets clean, insert your sex-friendly menstrual cup.
  4. Experiment with positions like missionary and spooning sex, because gravity is your friend in these situations.

Trial and error is involved in any new sexual endeavor, but we hope with these quick tips you’ll be having incredible period solo or partnered sex in exactly the fashion you’d like to.

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