Lesbian Sex Positions

5 Sex Positions that Should be in Every Lesbian’s Repertoire

Lesbian Sex Positions

When it comes to sex between women, assumptions abound about the positions that are and are not possible.

Well, as nearly every woman will tell you, where there’s a will there’s a way, and when passionate ignites between two women, anything is possible – so here are our top 5 positions that go beyond oral sex.

The Mirror of Venus

The Mirror of Venus position

If you’re game to grind while looking right into the eyes of your partner, then this is the perfect position!

Sitting astride your partner’s thigh, both of your hands are in prime position for both penetration and clitoral stimulation – as well as licking and kissing nipples.

But it’s also the perfect opportunity to place a small and powerful clitoral vibrator like LILY 2 between you so you can both enjoy its super powered vibrations from different perspectives. Or, why not stimulate each other with SONA? Unlike other pleasure products, it doesn’t vibrate but rather reaches the very deepest parts of your clitoris using sonic waves.

The Double Joint

The Double Joint lesbian position

Even fans of traditional missionary will assert that raising the hips of the partner on bottom – and in this case, placing their legs on their partner’s shoulder – is a small adjustment that makes all the difference in the world.

This position is perfect for the intense G-spot stimulation – whether by hand or with a sculpted G-spot massager like GIGI 2 – to not only bring your partner to orgasm, but also to induce squirting!

When using a strap on, the double joint position is also one of the best for simultaneous clitoral stimulation – MIA 2 is the perfect petite companion!

The Ride of the Valkyries

The Ride of the Valkyries sex position

While your partner lies on her back, you are ‘on horseback’  as per reverse cowgirl, but straddling her bent leg. Thus, you have the perfect pressure necessary to keep a small vibe like NEA 2 in place, while stimulating your prone partner behind you. Any internal vibe should have the length required, but may we suggest the SMART WAND Medium as a broad clitoral massager with the perfect length and weight for you to manipulate.

The Spoon

The Spoon position

There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as turning an early morning cuddle into slow, intimate sex, and this is one of the perfect positions for it. The big spoon may treat their partner with all of their attention, or use one hand on themselves and the other to penetrate their partner (from behind, with a cupped hand).  

When using a strap on, this rear-entry position is one that works best for many people during anal sex for a slower, more intimate experience. You will be close enough to kiss each other, and have hands free to stimulate yourself and your partner with a personal massager.

To help add leverage, the thrusting partner can also wrap their top leg over yours, or, if you’re flexible, you can try to put your top leg behind theirs. If you feel like things are getting to twisted and complicated, simply move onto your stomach and let your partner shallowly thrust while lying on top of you, almost as if you’re both in the plank position.

The Lazy Dog

The Lazy Dog position

This is an extremely simple (and very sexy) position that transitions well from the most classic cunnilingus position – and lends itself to analingus too!

The bottom partner lies on their stomach and arches their back, lifting their hips for their partner’s hand or strap on.  They can also support their chest on cushions so that they can still access their clitoris, or place cushions under their hips with a small vibrator.

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